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Divinity Based Education
Core Curriculum






There is only one Academic Department at MahaVideha University - Divinity. We are very focused on developing the full human potential, which is Krishna Realization. Without Krishna Realization one is only living in the shadows and there is little to enjoy and be happy about. Without Krishna Realization, life is a struggle, there is constant yearning and no satisfaction. So why should one devote any time to any pursuit other than Krishna  Realization?

Come to MVU and achieve the Goal of human existence



Bachelor's Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Divinity

Master's Degree: Master of Arts, Divinity

Doctor's Degree: Doctor of Divinity

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  Divinity Based Education Divinity Based Education

All of life is based on Krishna, that is an inescapable fact of existence, whether one recognizes it or not. From Quantum Physics, we know that what we take for a solid physical reality is in fact not that at all. Instead we exist in a 3-D holographic projection from the Mind of the Creator. So if we are to learn anything that is based on Truth and hence is Truth, we must base our education on the Divine. Study of the Divine and all of the aspects of the Creator's creation is fundamental...

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  Core Curriculum Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum at MahaVideha University is simple: All knowledge must be based on personal experience of the student. There should be nothing theoretical taught to students, only real, factual knowledge that can be validated by the student's personal experience.

At MVU we are not intersted in furthering the body of human speculation. We want every student to realize their full...

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