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Ekam Vitara Network for Brahman Consciousness and World Peace
==> Lifetime Membership including Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara (payable in 10 installments)

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Ekam Vitara Network for Brahman Consciousness and World Peace
==> Lifetime Membership including Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara (payable in 10 installments)

Ekam Vitara

Our Mission

The mission of the Ekam Vitara Network is to empower one million people to achieve higher states of consciousness. The collective consciousness that is formed by these one million people is the basis for an entirely new way of living for everyone on Earth. Everyone will participate in and enjoy a new era of world peace, prosperity, love and happiness.

How the Ekam Vitara Network Will Fulfill This Mission

The Ekam Vitara is a technology that creates a high consciousness field, specific for each individual subscriber, that elevates the consciousness of these individuals to their next higher level. The elevation of consciousness that one experiences as a result of being in the Ekam Vitara Network is permanent and forms the foundation for their next step up, when the subscriber chooses to activate their next level of consciousness. This process can be repeated again and again until the highest level of consciousness available to the human being is experienced.

The Ekam Vitara Network will establish world peace and create the foundational collective consciousness, world-wide, that is the basis for a whole new way of living in a world of peace, prosperity and happiness for everyone on Earth. Yes, even the eradication of disease, poverty, sadness and desperation that have become the normal way of life for billions of our fellow human beings will be accomplished. We can put an end to war, aggression, hate, anger, and all that is so damaging to human life.

Steps of Progress for World Peace

First, the Ekam Vitara Network will stop the impending world-wide scale collective karma balancing, known as the Pralaya, and the immense suffering that perhaps up to 90% of our world family would have to undergo. Until now, the Pralaya has been postponed by the efforts of many well-wishers of the Family of Man who, through their group practices of spiritual techniques, have had the effect of balancing some of the rapidly accumulating negative collective karma, year after year.

In 1974 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi noticed the trends of time were steadily leading the world toward the Pralaya and realized that these trends could be reversed by group practice of meditation. He is well known for His Group Dynamics of Consciousness which produced the Maharishi Effect. We know from Maharishi that if the square root of one percent of the population will unite in one location on Earth and blend their individual consciousness together into a collective consciousness that is vibrating at a higher frequency than the society around them, that the trends of time in that society will be changed - like a small candle will bring light into a dark room. This Maharishi Effect has been validated with many published, peer reviewed, scientific studies; here are 13 such studies. We credit the Maharishi Effect with delaying the Pralaya so far by balancing collective karma on a small but significant scale world-wide.

Applying the principle of the Maharishi Effect, we believe that an Ekam Vitara Network of ten thousand individuals will delay the Pralaya for as long as the Network exists, but the Earth needs a Network of one million people to create the collective karma balancing effect that will eliminate the need for the Pralaya at this time. This means that an Ekam Vitara Network of one million for 3 years will reset Kali Yuga on course to complete the remainder of its 426,000 years. Thereby eliminating the need for a massive collective karma balancing at this time.

Now with the Ekam Vitara it is quite possible logistically and at a low cost to assemble a collective consciousness Network of ten thousand, or one million members. Such a Network will have a major impact on world peace by changing world collective consciousness. Also, each member of the Ekam Vitara Network experiences dramatic shifts in their own consciousness and enjoys experiences heretofore only found in a handful of individuals around the world.

How Does the Ekam Vitara Work?

Let's look more deeply into this Ekam Vitara, how it works and the benefits it brings to individuals and society as a whole. First, what is Ekam? Ekam is a Sanskrit word that means (from Wikipedia):

Ekam means the supreme as well as the ultimate self from which the whole cosmos formed. This formless attribute is said to be defined from the human point of view. But this formless Ekam, without losing its constant and formless nature, is present inside all things in the universe. That is, it remains as infinite within every finite, formless within every definite form. It is the supreme absolute self in which all the substances of cosmos shares their existence.

The Ekam Vitara is a single device that creates a collective consciousness composed of people who share one common goal in life: "To achieve in this life the highest state of consciousness possible - Brahman Consciousness"

Brahman Consciousness

Brahman Consciousness represents the highest ideal for a human life achievement. Brahman Consciousness is that state of consciousness which resonates in complete harmony with the vast consciousness of the Creator, Lord Brahma. One who lives in Brahman Consciousness is literally the Divine incarnate, always acting in perfect accord with all the Laws of Nature and radiating a life supporting and uplifting influence to everyone he or she contacts.

In Brahman Consciousness the individual mind is completely absorbed into the Mind of Lord Brahma, like a tiny bubble floating within a vast calm lake. Inside the bubble resides the completely crystal clear ego of the person in Brahman Consciousness. He or she can appreciate without restriction the entire range of intelligence and knowledge that is contained in the Mind of Lord Brahma. Anything may be known to him and will be known by him at the exact appropriate time.

His mind is completely silent - witnessing the glory of Lord Brahma as a child watching a delightful fairy tale unfold. He expects nothing, wants nothing, thinks about nothing and remembers nothing. He simply witnesses the world around him in childlike innocence because everything is a completely new and fresh experience for him, every minute of every day - 24 hours a day.

He is completely above fear and doubt - unshakable in the knowledge that nothing in the universe is foreign to him or can possibly harm him. He has nothing to do at all and spends his time reacting to others and the environment. Whatever he may do in response to the environment is loving and supporting to everyone he touches, however he does not plan it this way - it is just the spontaneous result of his action.

Occasionally, a thought may arise in his mind, but it is not his thought and he clearly knows this. He has completely stopped thinking altogether, so when a thought does arise he immediately welcomes it as Lord Brahma's thought and he appreciates it completely, understanding it totally, immediately and without distortion. Often, he just takes action without thought or at least without appreciating that he had a thought, moving and acting as if Lord Brahma Himself was moving his body or speaking through his mouth. He feels like a sort of robot or mechanical man that someone else is moving, like a puppet.

Whatever his body does, he watches and is surprised and delighted by the play. He views his body as the puppet or robot of Lord Brahma - it is not even his body. If Lord Brahma wants to feed and clothe this body, he watches and enjoys the play. If Lord Brahma wants to rest the body, he watches and enjoys the resting of the body.

He feels like a passenger, not the driver and certainly not the owner of the body. He knows that at any moment Lord Brahma may move him into a different body for the benefit of that perspective. He has forgotten what it was like to be a "normal human being" full of anxiety, doubts, fears, ambitions, goals, desires, pains, weaknesses, struggle, unhappiness, happiness, frustrations, anger, disappointments, etc. Life is very simple now - it is easy to feel the bliss that is life and that bliss is sufficient for him, he wants nothing else, he cannot even make himself desire anything. After all, he is floating in bliss 24 hours a day and knows it will never end.

Aham Brahmasmi

Each person in the Ekam Vitara Network adds to a wholeness of the collective consciousness of Network Members that is greater than the sum of its parts. The wholeness of this collective consciousness is vibrating at a higher frequency than world collective consciousness so there is a purifying and balancing effect on world collective consciousness from this influence. When this Network reaches ten thousand people, it will influence world consciousness to create a more peaceful world and delay the onset of the Pralaya. As the numbers grow in this network, the influence from the Ekam Vitara Network in world collective consciousness will exponentially grow, and greater and greater peace and abundance will manifest throughout the world.

This device, the Ekam Vitara, serves as the network core that holds the network together and simultaneously broadcasts, utilizing Vedic Vitara Technology®, to each individual in the network, a particular collection of frequencies that elevates the consciousness of each individual, making each individual more and more peaceful, prosperous and more and more established in Pure Being. Over time each individual will progress to full Enlightenment (Brahman Consciousness), aided by this influence from the Ekam Vitara Network. Simultaneously, the influence of this group will permeate the collective consciousness of world we live in and there will be a shift to higher and higher levels of peace and prosperity for all people.

Raising the Frequency of an Individual

Each person has a frequency that defines his or her level of consciousness - that means the person is vibrating at a frequency defined by the karmic traces held in their subconscious and unconscious minds.  

The human mind or consciousness has two aspects, lower or ego consciousness (this is the conscious thinking mind) and higher consciousness or subtle consciousness (also called the subconscious and unconscious minds). When life is centered in the conscious thinking mind or ego, then the higher consciousness mind is beyond our conscious awareness. If life becomes centered in the higher consciousness mind, then the experience is one of witnessing the physical life and conscious thinking mind from this higher consciousness perspective. This state of being is called enlightenment or liberation or moksha.


The conscious thinking mind operates only while we are awake and conscious, but the higher consciousness mind is always activated, regulates everything in our body, our character, our speech, and receives and processes information, no matter what we do.

What is the Higher Consciousness Mind?

Subconscious Mind

Compared to your conscious thinking mind, your higher consciousness mind is exponentially more powerful. The aspect of our higher consciousness that we have access to is the mind of our Pranamaya Kosha. But our higher consciousness has several levels, corresponding to our subtle bodies and beyond. As human beings, we have five bodies as illustrated below:

Five Koshas

We all know about the Anamaya Kosha - this is the physical body and its mind, five senses and organs of action. Behind the physical realm are a number of subtle, non-physical realms. The one "closest" to the physical is the Astral Realm and this is where the Pranamaya Kosha dwells. It is as much a part of our life as the physical, but we may not be consciously aware of its existence. Like the physical body, this "prana" body has a mind. The mind of the Pranamaya Kosha is the higher consciousness mind relative to the conscious thinking mind of the physical body, and has been labeled by psychologists as the "unconscious" mind. This mind is a much more powerful influence in our lives than the physical, conscious thinking mind. In fact, each of the minds of our other subtle bodies (Manomaya, Vjnanamaya and Anandamaya Kosha) are exponentially more powerful than the one "below" it and we each have a Supreme Absolute level of Highest Consciousness that is not even in this universe. But for now, let's limit our investigation into the closest mind to the physical, the "prana" mind or unconscious mind, which we will refer to as our higher consciousness.

Jung quote on unconscious mind

The higher consciousness mind controls your body. You cannot hear this silent inner process with your physical hearing, but actually you can perceive it with your intuition. You need to become aware of your higher consciousness mind. Your higher consciousness mind is the basis of the thoughts in the conscious thinking mind. The higher conscious mind holds the network of common behaviors, beliefs, habits and emotions that is a lens through which you perceive your life. If the lens is colored with loyalty, justice and love then your conscious thinking mind exists in a state of expectation of only good events and your usual mode of thinking is based on loyalty, justice and love. On the other hand, if the lens of the higher consciousness mind is colored with fear, anger and hatred, then one experiences life as fearful, angry and full of division and hatred. In fact the whole of physical life is governed by the content of the higher consciousness mind, and this includes our health and emotions.

Reprogram your higher consciousness mind

If the physical body has a disease, the cause of this disease can be traced back to the content of the higher consciousness mind. Fortunately, it is possible to change the content of the higher consciousness mind.

While the conscious thinking mind or ego takes all the credit for everything we do in life, the real driving force is the unconscious or higher consciousness mind. What is required is a technique to correct wrong thought patterns and therefore cause one to think more positively, restore lost visual acuity, lose weight, have more confidence, receive greater abundance, enjoy happier relationships, have better health, etc.

Where do the negative and positive thoughts come from in the conscious thinking mind?

KarmaProbably you have heard of karma. Karma is the effect from actions performed, which are not in accord with all the Laws of Nature (this is the Divine Blue-print for the universe in the Mind of the Creator). This can be actions in past lives or the current life. These actions influence the current or future lives of an individual and become the source of various thoughts in the mind as well as the situations of life such as prosperity or lack of prosperity, good health or lack of good health, happiness or sadness, and all conditions of human life.

The karma that is coming into the life can be counteracted or balanced and the life will change.

There are various techniques for balancing and changing one's karma. One of the most effective techniques is to change the content of the higher consciousness mind. To accomplish this we need to communicate directly with the higher consciousness mind by using a technique that will bypass the conscious thinking mind. The conscious thinking mind is the seat of the ego and the ego is constantly in the mode of analysis and deciding what is good and what is bad. The ego exists in conflict always and will not accept anything into the higher consciousness mind that is contrary to what it believes are the current facts of the life, which are thoughts and beliefs held in the higher consciousness mind. So, we are faced with a situation where we cannot change the higher consciousness mind by going through the conscious mind - all change will be blocked by the conscious mind. For example if one is overweight and wishes to become normal weight, one must balance the karmic traces that are held in the higher consciousness mind which causes the overweight condition. These karmic traces in the unconscious or higher consciousness mind have been the root cause of the overweight body condition. It is necessary to replace any negative thoughts (evidence of karmic traces) with opposite positive thoughts in the higher consciousness mind. This balances the karma and allows the natural state of the life (ideal body weight, in this example) to manifest.

Unleash the power of your higher consciousness

To communicate directly with the subconscious mind, which is still part of the physical body and mind, and directly influences the conscious thinking mind, we can use subliminal message technology that has existed for several decades. Many studies have shown that subliminal messages can produce satisfying and lasting effects, from breaking unwanted habits to improving performance. This technology is successful because it offers the capability to circumvent the "guard" of the subconscious mind, namely the analysis and processing of the logical, conscious mind.

One way to understand it is to think of your mind as an iceberg. Your conscious mind is the bit of the iceberg you can see, say 10% of the total mass, while the rest is made up of your subconscious and unconscious minds. That gives you a good idea about just how powerful your higher consciousness mind really is. It also explains why so many self-development enthusiasts look for ways to access its power.


The higher consciousness mind picks up information you are not always aware of and stores it in your mind. If it picks up enough information with enough frequency, that information will gradually become a part of who you are, giving you the potential to change the way you think and, by extension, the way you behave and how you view life. As Dr. Joseph Murphy writes in his book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, "change your thoughts, and you change your destiny [1]."

The Significance of Vedic Vitara Technology

Let's look more closely at the structure of the human mind so we can better understand the significance of Vedic Vitara Technology.

The Human Mind / conscious / subconscious / unconscious

The subliminals reach into the subconscious mind. But Vedic Vitara Technology reaches into the unconscious mind. Now you have a complete, permanent way to reprogram your life.

Let me explain: some years ago, Positive Thinking was all the rage but soon it was discovered that while there was some change in attitude for a while, soon the effect faded unless one kept constantly reminding the conscious mind of the positive affirmations. So Positive Thinking was temporary because the subconscious mind was not changed.

Then, with subliminals, the subconscious mind is changed and this filtered into the conscious mind and change was more lasting. But still, not permanent unless one periodically reprogrammed the subconscious mind with the subliminals, because the subconscious mind looks to the unconscious mind for its "truth" reference.The problem is the unconscious mind is beyond the physical and cannot be reprogrammed using the physical means of subliminals. The only way to reach the non-physical unconscious mind is with the meditation technique of Samyama or Vedic Vitara Technology.

If we send a frequency of consciousness to an individual with Vedic Vitara Technology that is just above their current frequency, there will be a purification and balancing in that person's unconscious mind karmic traces and eventually their frequency of consciousness will rise to match the frequency being transmitted.

When the person perceives that his or her consciousness is now at the level of the transmitted frequency, the individual can access the Ekam Vitara Network Personal Dashboard and increase their frequency transmission to the next higher level, and repeat the process of purification and balancing more karmic traces. Because the unconscious mind is behind the subconscious mind, when the "truth" changes in the unconscious mind, the subconscious mind will soon follow. Then because the subconscious mind is the "truth" reference for the conscious thinking mind, the conscious thinking mind will soon follow and with this behavior and thought patterns will change the individual will perceive the world in a different way and act accordingly.

If, for example, there was fear in the unconscious mind, there would also be fear in the subconscious mind and, in turn, fear would permeate the conscious thinking mind. This would cause the individual to view life as a fearful experience and all actions would be colored by this fear. Fear is not a natural state in the universe - the natural state is love. So the fear is caused by karmic traces in the unconscious mind. If we balance the fear karmic traces in the unconscious mind, then soon the entire life becomes naturally more loving and less fear-based.

Eventually when the entire unconscious mind has been purified and balanced in this way, there will be nothing (no karmic traces) separating the individual from Brahman Consciousness and that exalted stated of consciousness will dawn in the person's awareness.

The universe is a place of love, abundance, bliss and happiness - it is the karmic traces of each individual that stops them from perceiving this and having access to this experience of happiness and freedom. To balance karmic traces (also known as release of stress), individuals take up the practice of meditation. Meditation works well as a steady, sure way to balance all karmic traces eventually. But what be done to speed up this process? The Ekam Vitara Network is the answer - it provides the energy that will accelerate the process of balancing for these karmic traces.

Meanwhile and concurrent with this process of an individual elevating his or her consciousness, the entire collective consciousness that he or she belongs to, the Ekam Vitara Network, will rise accordingly. When this larger collective consciousness rises above the collective consciousness of the world, then the world collective consciousness will purify and balance and come up to the level of the Ekam Vitara Network.

This causes every person on the Earth to experience more freedom, more abundance and greater peace within.

Maharishi 1960

“What is necessary is just a small area in the whole room to become lighted and the whole room becomes lighted. What is a bulb? It is a very small filament. How much is that in relation to the whole volume of the room? It’s a very insignificant area. Yet it becomes lighted and the whole room becomes lighted. One simple, single individual brain becoming a little bit more orderly—how much more orderly could one become in fifteen minutes, with all the chaos and disorderliness of the whole day?—but that little orderliness increasing in the mind of an individual is good enough to radiate its influence. One small filament becoming lighted is enough to light the whole room.

“Like that, one person, one slightly enlightened person, is good enough for the whole society. It’s a blessing for the whole society.”

–Maharishi, January 12th, 1975, from the book, Enlightenment to Every Individual, Invincibility to Every Nation.

Let's look at the mechanics of how frequencies influence the consciousness of individuals.

The Frequencies of Consciousness

From the research of David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD we have the sum-total of his life's work to discover the anatomy of consciousness, in the chart "Map of Consciousness®" published in his book Power vs Force, The Hidden Determination of Human Behavior. We have expanded on his work by adding the 5 levels of Moksha to produce the Twenty Levels of Human Consciousness:

20 Levels of Human Consciousness

Dr. Hawkins made this significant discovery:

"On our scale of consciousness, there are two critical points that allow for major advancement. The first is at 200, the initial level of empowerment: Here, the willingness to stop blaming and accept responsibility for one's own actions, feelings, and beliefs arises - as long as cause and responsibility are projected outside of oneself, one will remain in the powerless mode of victimhood. The second is at the 500 level, which is reached by accepting love and nonjudgemental forgiveness as a lifestyle, exercising unconditional kindness to all persons, things, and events without exception." (Hawkins 2002, 238).

We have found there is a third threshold at 600 to gain entry into the Moksha levels. These three thresholds are primary challenges for many individuals today. Moving beyond them represents a significant barrier which can only be overcome through a significant shift in personality. After moving beyond these realms, progression into increasingly higher states is very natural and less challenging.

We believe that if an individual is at the 200 level and begins the practice of meditation, that will create the "significant shift in personality" necessary to propel the individual on to the 500 level. But what will be the second element that will allow the individual who is stuck at the 500 level to move on to 600 and then on to 700 and beyond? The Ekam Vitara Network is this answer for this group of people.

The Ekam Vitara Network will support and accelerate the progress of those in the 200-500 range and act as the necessary second element to propel them beyond 500 and beyond 600.

Ekam Vitara NetworkNow, it does not seem that to go from Level 500 to Level 600 is a very big jump, but it is. The Levels are on a logarithmic scale. This means when you see the Level 500, it means 10^500 (that is 10 followed by 500 zeros!) So Level 600 is really 10^600 (10 followed by 600 zeros). Perhaps more easy to comprehend, increasing by 1 point is a shift of magnitude 10, 2 points increase is a shift of magnitude 100, 3 points represents a shift of magnitude 1000, and so on, adding one zero for each point. So, the difference between Level 500 and Level 600 will result in an enormous shift in your life experience.

Most people are driven throughout life by their karma. That karma is literally in their subconscious and unconscious minds in the form of karmic traces. They are looking through a maze of blocks and distortions (the karmic traces) that makes the world appear much different to them than it is in reality. Commonly, one will only advance in their Level of Consciousness that they came into the world with by only 5 or 10 points for the entire life! Some people will actually fall by 5 or 10 points. So, imagine the magnitude of what you are attempting. We casually say "you will quickly rise from Level 250 to Level 310..." but realize this represents an incredible shift in your experience of life.

What is behind this shift from 250 to 310? The balancing of karmic traces in your unconscious mind.

Karmic traces can be balanced in two ways: 1) slowly and steadily through meditation and 2) more quickly by adding influence, into the unconscious mind, of the frequency of consciousness that is one level above your current level, plus other karmic trace balancing frequencies that are required by the age we live in today. This second approach can come from the Ekam Vitara.

What Frequencies Will I Receive?

You will receive the Pure Frequency that is one step above your Current Consciousness Level. For example if your Current Consciousness Level is 250, then you will be sent the Pure Frequency for Level 310. In addition, because of the fact that all humans incarnating today share a common collective of karmic traces (this is what made you incarnate now), you will also receive specific karmic trace balancing frequencies as follows:

  • Transcending to Pure Consciousness
  • Reversal of Aging, Perfect Health and Youthful Vitality
  • Faciliating Change and Detoxing the Body
  • Opening the Heart Chakra for Spiritual Development
  • Full DNA Activation
  • Lucid Dreaming and Celestial Perceptions
  • Experiencing Moksha on all 5 Levels
  • Oneness Awakening with Moola Mantra

What Will I Experience?

The balancing of karmic traces may be accompanied by some feelings of purification or detoxing - you may feel some discomfort at times in your emotions and physical body. Be sure to drink plenty of water to help clear any detoxing symptoms. These are the normal sensations of "unstressing" as Maharishi would say. Also, you may feel joy, peace, calmness, oneness and happiness, your health may improve, and you may have more vivid dreams and lucid dreams are possible. At some point the karmic traces that are holding down your level of consciousness are balanced and you spontaneously rise to the next higher level. This is often accompanied by feelings of clarity, bliss, happiness, unboundedness, and joy. Imagine you have been tied up with a rope and unable to move your hands and feet for many years - perhaps as long as you can remember that rope has been there. You have grown accustomed to its presence and have accepted the lack of freedom as your normal human life. One day someone unties the rope and sets you free! How will you feel?

When you feel this release and your world view adjusts to the higher Level of Consciousness, it is time to increase your Ekam Vitara Network Frequency to the next level and repeat the process from your new Level of Consciousness. Like this, you will comfortablly rise to total freedom, unbounded awareness, and the Bliss of Brahman Consciousenss.

How Long Will It Take to
Increase My Level of Consciousness?

TimeThe question now in your mind is probably "how long will this take?" Every person is different, starting from whatever level with a certain load of karmic traces to deal with. So depending on where you start, and the effort you put into the spiritual practices that balance karmic traces, will be one determination of how long it will take. Also what is your willingness to change and your faith in this system that it will help you to change? If you think "this is never going to work for me" - it will never work for you. Simple. If you think this is reasonable, logical and will certainly work for me, the Ekam Vitara will work for you very rapidly. If you are agreeable with trying it but skeptical that it may not work, then your doubt will be a block to it working and you will make slower progress. If you do nothing to take advantage of the boost that the Ekam Vitara will give you and basically stop all spiritual practices, then you will make very slow progress, if at all.

Basically, you are in total control of your life. That is called "free-will" and you call all the shots. You can give in to the pressure of karma and let your karma take you to whatever destination in life or you can use your free-will to do things that you know will benefit you and will give you more and more freedom from the chains of your karma and you will be successful and experience much more out of life. It is totally your choice. If you choose Brahman Consciousness in this life, then it can be yours. If you make no choice and just let your karma take you then Brahman Consciousness is not going to happen for you.

If you are at 200 or below you will need a significant shift in personality to get you above 200. To gain this significant shift you need the influence of meditation at least, and to make fastest progress you can take advantage of the Ekam Vitara. If you are at 500, this is another barrier that requires a significant shift and the Ekam Vitara will give you what you need to continue your spiritual practices and make rapid advancement. Basically, no matter what level you are at this time, you can use the Ekam Vitara to rise above this level and go beyond. The Ekam Vitara can help take you all the way to 1,000.

Wisdom From the Yoga Vasishta

Yoga VasisthaAccording to the Yoga Vasishta, this universe is a colossal dream in the mind of the Creator and you are the Dreamer!  (By the way, the Level of Consciousness of this translation on Hawkin's Map of Consciousness is in the high 900's so you can trust it as very authoritative.) You are not this little human body with all its problems and a mind full of worries, doubts and fears. You are literally Lord Brahma. In the Yoga Vasishta we learn that there is only one Being in this universe and you are that Being.  You are not the little "dream creature" with such and such a name, living on some street, age whatever, with a whole resume of experiences and past. That is not you. That is one of the 7.2 billion dream creatures in Your Universe that You are currently dreaming up right now.

When you rise to Brahman Consciousness you Know this without a doubt - you have Self-Realization. Viewing your universe from this perspective changes everything, life is Bliss and all is perfect.

Ekam Vitara is the Tool for
Individual and World Transformation

You now have a tool to help you perfect your dream. Your dream has been muddied by all the mistakes of your dream creatures - all the karma they have created in the eons that have gone by since you started your dream. You are suffering, your fellow dream creatures are suffering and that suffering is very real to you and them. Now you look around and see fear, unhappiness, poverty, and all that is "wrong" with our world today. You have compassion for the real suffering of your fellow dream creatures. Things are so bad in your dream that you may need a major reset in the form of a Pralaya soon and that massive collective karma balancing will cause so much fear and suffering, that you don't want to even think about it.

But this Pralaya is not inevitable! You can begin today to clear out your karmic traces and rise to higher and higher states of consciousness and that, along with others doing the same thing, will raise the consciousness of all those who are not part of the Ekam Vitara Network. You can bring peace into your life and peace into the world.

What Happens When I Join the Ekam Vitara Network?

The Ekam Vitara is a large Vedic Vitara Technology array, located in New Mexico.

Ekam Vitara Network

Each Ekam Vitara Array has 12 Vedic Vitara Technology Antennas. Each Antenna is broadcasting specific frequencies of consciousness to the members associated with the Antenna. Members are associated with an Antenna by having their Jyotish Chakra and picture on the Antenna.

Ekam Vitara

For example, if your level of consciousness is 310 on the Map of Consciousness, then you would be in the Antenna Group for the next higher level, 350. You will receive, 24 hours a day, in your pranamaya kosha, the frequency for level 350. This will cause your pranamaya kosha to increase its frequency from level 310 to the frequency for level 350.

Ekam Vitara Single with Jyotish Chakras

Embedded in your unconscious mind that is located in your pranamaya kosha are many karmic traces. These karmic traces vibrate at a frequency that is lower than the frequency of level 350, in this example. In time all of these karmic traces will be balanced by the higher frequency of level 350 and will released from your pranamaya kosha.

Karmic Traces

As each karmic trace is balanced and released from the influence of the Ekam Vitara, your overall level of consciousness will increase. When your pranamaya kosha has increased to the frequency of level 350, all the karmic traces that have been holding you down into level 310 will be gone and you will experience level 350 for the first time in your life!

Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara

You will also receive the Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara with your Lifetime Ekam Vitara Network Membership. This Vitara will accelerate your pace for reaching higher Levels of Consciousness.

Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara

That is because the Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara works on the physical level of your life; in your conscious thinking mind and subconscious mind. The Ekam Vitara Network is focused on the non-physical unconscious mind. Together, the Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara and the Ekam Vitara Network, provide you with the fastest progress possible to higher Levels of Consciousness. Find out more about the Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara.

The Ekam Vitara Knowledge Community

With all subsriptions to the Ekam Vitara Network, you will be automatically enrolled in the Ekam Vitara Knowledge Community, hosted by MahaVideha University. Knowledge and experience always go hand-in-hand and allow you advance most rapidly to higher levels of consciousness when both are included in your life.

The Ekam Vitara Knowledge Community hosts weekly knowledge meetings with deep meditation sessions, available to you over the Internet in live webcast format, at no cost. These meetings are hosted by Visvamitra, Kundalatdevi and Lalitadevi and we go deep into the knowledge of how the universe we live in is constructed in the Mind of the Creator, and what your connection is to the Creator, and many other spiritual topics.

MVU Logo
Visvamitra KundalatDevi

In addition, you will receive a 50% discount on all MahaVideha University Courses for both the Online Courses and the In-Residence Courses. Please take a look at the current offerings:

One more benefit: The Ekam Vitara Network is sponsored by Vedic Vitaras, Inc. This Company offers an array of Vedic Vitara Technology® products that empower individuals to achieve their Higher Consciousness objectives. As a Member of the Ekam Vitara Network, you will receive a discount of 35% on all Vedic Vitara Products.


Begin Today!Begin today to work on yourself, increase your level of consciousness, improve your quality of life, enjoy greater happiness, freedom and prosperity, and automatically you will be helping the world in the maximum way possible. Pass this information along to your friends too, and let's build an Ekam Vitara Network of one million and change the trends of time toward a more peaceful and prosperous world for everyone!

Head of Family Lifetime subscription to the Ekam Vitara Network with the Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara to accelerate your development of Higher States of Consciousness [/2302.jpg]

Monthly Payment Plan: $19.97 today, and 10 payments of $79.70 (plus applicable shipping and tax) starting on January 12, 2019 and ending after the last payment on October 12, 2019. One payment will be automatically charged each month. The total of payments for this plan is $816.97.


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