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Atmavedi Meditation

Instruction in the practice of Atmavedi Meditation is the topic of this course. You will learn the unique mantra for your Atman and how to meditate with this mantra to open the channel of communication to your Atman.

The objective of this meditation is to experience the unbounded awareness of pure bliss consciousness. As you practice this meditation, the mind and body will be purified of ungrounded energies. The Evolutionary Power of Natural Law will awaken in your body and begin the process of physical transformation that establishes the basis in body and mind for living Brahman Consciousness.

Atmavedi Meditation is a pre-requisite for Atmavedi Part II, where you establish direct conscious two-way communication with your Âtman and begin to immediately receive life-changing guidance from this Superior Intelligence, the creator of your life's Divine Blueprint.


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Course Fee: $333(this is a 4 day course, over video Skype, 1 hour each day)
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