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Vedic Vitaras, Inc. Equity Investments

Vedic Vitaras Inc LogoBusiness Plan

November 22, 2017

Private Equity Offering



Executive Summary

A collection of unique, patent pending inventions that put to practical use an ancient technology for the development and experience of a better quality of life and higher states of consciousness: this is Vedic Vitara Technology® offered by Vedic Vitaras, Inc.

One of our products, priced at $397 and called the Nirvana Vitara, will appeal to the growing segment of the world population, more than 36.7 million in the United States alone, that is not satisfied with their “normal, everyday state of consciousness” and seek to gain more from life by opening their awareness to alternate, higher states of consciousness. These people have taken recourse to the ancient techniques of yoga and meditation to develop their experience of life into something more. Vedic Vitaras are important tools for these individuals, who spent $16.8 billion on yoga and meditation accessories in 2016, based on a study by Yoga Journal (1.3 million subscribers).

Another of our products, priced at $897 and called the Neurogenesis Vitara, will appeal to a very broad spectrum of the population, basically every adult over the age of 35 or perhaps 170 million in the United States alone. It finds a place in the home and/or office of everyone who wants increased memory recall, increased sensory perception, increased focus, more happiness, greater peace, greater IQ, more creativity. We believe this device and the Nirvana Vitara will help individuals create more brain cells, a process known as neurogenesis. Plus, we have four more Vitaras for different purposes that will also be of interest to a segment of the yoga and meditation demographic.

The Vedic Vitara Technology devices are unique. In the United States, these devices are priced in the range of $300 to $1,400 and cost about half that amount to manufacture and market. So, there is a very good profit.

Our initial market will be in the United States and we believe sales of 18,000 units of the Nirvana Vitara in 2018 is conservative and likely in this market, which should generate $7 million in gross revenue and a profit of approximately $3.5 million. The Neurogenesis Vitara has a much broader appeal, but at a higher price, and is slated to sell 9,400 units in 2018 with a profit of approximately $4.2 million, for a total projected profit of $7.7 million. After taxes we will have $5.8 million of net profit.

The Board of Directors is dedicated to distribution of profits to the owners. The majority owner (51%) is The Goloka Project (a non-profit corporation) and it depends on Dividends from Vedic Vitaras, Inc. Therefore, 75% of the net profit from operations will be paid to owners as Dividends. For example, 1% ownership (100,000 Common shares, acquired at $2 per share) should generate $58,000 of Dividends in 2018 (29% ROI), based on current sales projections and expected profitability.

® Vedic Vitara Technology is a Registered Trademark of Vedic Vitaras, Inc. (a Delaware Corporation) of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Investment Opportunities

USA citizens may hold Vedic Vitara, Inc. shares in a 401k or IRA retirement plan. If you wish to do this, please indicate in the Comments section on the last page of the Shopping Cart and we will help you to organize this.

Neurogenesis Vitara Model 120For multiple blocks, increase the quantity in the first page of the Shopping Cart. If you acquire a minimum of 10,000 shares before January 5, 2108, you will receive free of charge the new Neurogenesis Vitara Model 120 (pictured on the right), complete with Lucid Dreaming and Moksha Modules, valued at $897.

In the Shopping Cart you will see an Invoice option - please select this if you will be paying by bank wire transfer, check, IRA or 401k funding. After the invoice is generated you will be contacted with specific instructions for the next step.

We are not permitted to advertise these offers to the general public yet, but you can offer this to anyone you know personally. To make an investment, please review the following list and select the desired option:

  1. 250,000 Preferred Shares that pay a minimum guaranteed dividend of $0.144 per share per year. These shares are $2 each (7.2% per year dividend) and must be purchased in blocks of 10,000 shares for $20,000. The Company also agrees to be buy back these Preferred Shares from the original owner at the original price, at any time in the future. Dividends are paid annually unless one owns 100,000 or more shares, then the option for a monthly dividend is available. These shares will also participate in the general dividends that are paid to all shares – this is 75% of net profits. Preferred holders are paid first, then the remaining dividends are divided among all shareholders. In 2018 we expect to distribute $5.8 million of dividends, so if all of the 250,000 Preferred Shares are acquired by investors, plus 250,000 already acquired, we will pay $72,000 in Preferred Dividends, leaving $5.728 million of Common Dividends to distribute. If all 10 million shares are acquired, then each share will be paid $0.5728. So, Preferred Shares will receive a total of $0.7168 of dividends per share under this scenario. The owner of 10,000 Preferred Shares should receive $7,168 in dividends for 2018. Includes a free Neurogenesis Vitara Model 120 with Lucid Dreaming and Moksha Modules - $897 value
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  2. 250,000 Common Shares are available for $0.50 per share when paying by cash, check, bank transfer, or credit/debit card, in minimum blocks of 5,000 shares ($2,500). If the Company meets its objectives for 2018, a Common Share should receive $0.5728 of dividends. The owner of 5,000 Common Shares should receive $2,864 in dividends in 2018. Includes a free Neurogenesis Vitara Model 120 with Lucid Dreaming and Moksha Modules - $897 value - if you acquire at least 10,000 shares.
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  3. Special one-time offer to acquire Common Shares on an installment plan: For 7 monthly payments
    of $715 per month, you will receive 10,000 Common Shares of Vedic Vitaras, Inc. You will be listed as
    the owner of these shares on the date of your first payment so that you will receive a full year of
    dividends for 2018. If we are successful with our plan, then you will receive $5,728 in dividends in
    January of 2019. This offer expires on January 5, 2018. Includes a free Neurogenesis Vitara Model 120 with Lucid Dreaming and Moksha Modules - $897 value
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This initial private offering expires on January 5, 2018. Share prices will increase to $2 per Common Share, minimum 25,000 share block, on January 6 when we begin to offer equity to only Accredited Investors (minimum $1 million net worth). Preferred shares will no longer be available after January 5.

{greenArrow}Click here to download the full Business Plan in PDF format

If you would like to try the new Neurogenesis Vitara Model 120 to see "if it really works!" before you invest, we will be happy to send you one for trail. Please complete the form below. Note: submission of this form will reserve the shares you indicate for 30 days as the introductory price of $0.50 for Common and $2 for Preferred. If you decide not to invest, please return the Vitara, otherwise it is yours to keep and enjoy.

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