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MahaVideha University (MVU) is pioneering a new approach to learning, called Divinity Based Education, which supplies the missing element of all education - God Realization. The Goal of human life is no less than Moksha with God Realization - that means to make God real in one's life, not just a concept, not based on faith or belief. God is a scientific reality, and at MVU every student makes God real in their life.

All students at MVU practice techniques that develop their subtle bodies so that they can actually "walk with God" on the subtle plane where God lives.

Five KoshasMVU is unique because we develop the full potential of human life, which is Liberation or Moksha with God Realization. Education at MVU is based on both knowledge and experience of the student's own life on all levels, from the gross physical (anamaya kosha) through all the subtle levels:

  • pranamaya kosha (the energy body that permeates the physical)
  • manomaya kosha (the mental body that permeates both the physical and the prana body)
  • vijñayamaya kosha (the causal body that permeates the physical, prana, and mental body)
  • anandamaya kosha (the universal body of bliss that we all share)

There is so much of life that is totally ignored by all other schools. At MVU we are dedicated to development of full potential of human life.

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