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Modern education in the United States and most other countries of the world is modeled after Prussia in 1819 where a socialist agenda is promoted to produce obedient soldiers to the army, subservient workers to business, submissive civil servants to the government, compliant clerks to industry and citizens who thought alike about major issues. The results are no doubt pleasing to the ruling elites; industry booms and warfare is successful.

Education is not supposed to be about making model citizens, it is supposed to help an individual realize his or her full human potential.  Even more important, with proper education, individuals will realize the Divine that is behind their lives. This is the quality of Satyug where a full-scale replica of Goloka is found on earth.

Life on earth is undergoing a radical transformation in which the worth of an individual will not be measured by his or her paycheck. Education with the goal of producing a skillset that will land an individual a "good paying job" is now obsolete. Many are waiting for an economic recovery that will not be coming.

As a global family, we are entering the pralaya that always preceeds the rise of Satyug. It is important to understand what this means in terms of day to day life. This is why we have MVU103 "Agents of Pralaya" early in the cirriculum.

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