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~ Prasadam Satyug Kaya Kalpa

Satyug Kaya Kalpa Logo"Satyug" is the Golden Age where spirituality is 100%, the average lifespan is 100,000 years, and everyone lives in perfect health, with full ability of all the siddhis and God Realization. "Kaya" means body and "Kalpa" means transformation. Today we live in Kaliyug, the age of ignorance and death where spirituality is almost 0%, the average lifespan is only 100 years with poor health, no manifestation of the siddhis and very few enjoy God Realization. Satyug Kaya Kalpa treatments transform the physiology into a Satyug body of radiant health, youth and beauty, reversing the effects of Kaliyug and establishing a 12-strand DNA body that is prepared to enjoy the coming 10,000 year Golden Age. We combine the secret healing techniques was used in India for thousands of years by religious healers to rejuvenate and give longevity to royalty and holy sages, with new Dhanvantri prescribed techniques to activate the 12-strand DNA and transform the Kaliyug physiology into a Satyug physiology, and incorporate Prasadam as the Spiritual technique that transforms the life into full God Realization.

Krishna Consciousness Doctor of Divinity Course

Krishna Vedic Master Training Course

A new course of study, leading to the Masters of Divinity Degree is now being offered by MahaVideha University. This course provides complete knowledge and experience for the individual who desires to help others achieve happiness, perfect health, a very long life, prosperity, peace and Moksha. This is the Krishna Vedic Master Training Course. Included in this course are the following topics and also how to teach this information:

  1. Goloka Meditation Centers - These centers are planned for every major metropolitan area around the world to serve as a focal point for teaching, group meditations and introductions to the Goloka Sanctuary Communities and Vedic Vitaras.  As a graduate of the Krishna Vedic Master Training Course, you will be qualified to live in and manage one of these centers.
  2. Goloka Sanctuary Communities - To survive the pralaya in comfort we have the Goloka Sanctuary Communities. Goloka Sanctuary Communities will be established throughout the world in safe zones.
    Goloka SmallThe picture on the left is an artist's depiction of Goloka, the heavenly realm where Krishna and His Gopis and Gopas reside. This is the model Absolute realm that serves as the basis of our universe. At the start of Satyug, Lord Brahma creates our universe to almost exactly model Goloka. By this time, in Kaliyug, the ideal has degenerated severely, so our objective is to replicate Goloka in a small way. We are doing this now in northern New Mexico, and soon at many other locations around the world. To qualify as a sanctuary for survival of the pralaya events, the location must be in a safe zone and have good access to fresh water. Definitely, the cities are not the place to be during this period, for obvious reasons.
    Goloka Community 3D layoutThe Goloka Community design is intended to be 100% self-sufficient for food, water and energy. The design includes an ahimsa dairy where the cows are never killed, and organic gardens. The design of the first facility being constructed in New Mexico is shown on the right. It will have 121 geodesic dome homes to provide accommodations for 300 individuals (single, married couples and families). Plus 6 large domes for the dairy, 6 large domes for the gardens and 6 large domes for the University and School. Plus there is a very large Ashram dome, and 4 more large domes for community activities and recreation. Each residence will have individual Satyug Sanctuary Pyramids for each resident. Solar panels provide electricity for the facility. The Goloka Sanctuary Communities will all be MahaVideha University campuses so the residents can achieve Krishna Realization during their stay. Each Community will also have a MahaVideha Gurukul for the children and a SriVyuha Ashram.
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