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Discover Your Dharma


Discover Your DharmaWhen you incarnated into a physical body, your Atman had a plan for your life. Establish direct communication with your Atman and discover your true Dharma for this life. Every student at MVU accomplishes this communication within the first 6 months of attendance. Living your life according to your Dharma will result in a life of maximum achievement and success.

Dharma means "Truth" and should be considered the Divine Truth. There are two levels of Dharma, as there are two levels of God - Personal and Universal. The personal aspect of God is your own Âtman, and the universal aspect of God is Krishna, acting in a universe through the trinity of Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Maintainer) and Rudra (Destroyer).

BuddhaThe diagram on the left is the Wheel of Dharma that reminds us of Lord Buddha, an incarnation of Vishnu, whose central teaching encourages everyone to turn their attention inward in meditation and discover the thread to their own Personal Dharma. Dharma on the personal level is the Divine Blueprint of your current life that was created for you by your Âtman to reflect a portion of your karma. If you can live your life in accord with your Personal Dharma, you will derive the maximum benefit from the life as intended by your Âtman.

  Atman - Small  

Because you have free-will, you are free to choose to not live in accord with your Personal Dharma, but the result will be a life of increasing misery and discomfort and you repeatedly run into conflicting situations. It is like trying to drive from New York to San Francisco with no regard to the highways and roads - driving recklessly across fields, and rivers and smashing through houses and forrests, instead of simply getting on the proper Interstate and staying on the highway.

Every human life that is scheduled to last until adulthood has at least one significant opportunity to make a decision, that if taken, which will result in the jîva being granted Unity Consciousness - freedom and release of the consequences of its karma and an immediate passage back to S'iva when the body is dropped. This opportunity is carefully planned into the Divine Blueprint for the life by the Âtman. If the life is not lived in accord with its Personal Dharma, it is possible that the opportunity for Unity Consciousness will not arise.

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