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Moksha Advanced Course Series Home Study

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Moksha Advanced Course Series Home Study


Guru Dev - Small Golden


To achieve Moksha in this lifetime is the only reason you have a human body, and as His Divinity Brahmanda Saraswati once said: "to waste a human life by not achieving Moksha is like selling diamonds for the price of spinach!"

Lord Krishna said to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita (chapter 2 verse 48): "yogastha kuru karmani" or "established in union with Me, perform action." This is exactly the definition of Moksha.

Moksha is at the same time the most simple and natural way to live and the most difficult transition that anyone can make. Our universe has been around for over 150 trillion years and we have incarnated again and again to accomplish this one task - achieve Moksha - yet this accomplishment has eluded most of us so far.

Those like Eckhart Tolle who suddenly switch into Moksha for no apparent reason and without any preliminary training, find it difficult to explain to us how to live in the state of Moksha, yet they describe Moksha very well. For it is to them such a simple thing. Eckhart said: "The beginning of freedom (Moksha) is the realization that you are not the possessing entity - the thinker. Knowing this enables you to observe the entity. The moment you start watching the thinker, a higher level of consciousness becomes activated. You then begin to realize that there is a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought, that thought is only a tiny aspect of that intelligence. You also realize that all the things that truly matter - beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace - arise from beyond the mind. You begin to awaken."

Krishna and Arjuna with Vishnu - smallNow the question arises: "how do I watch the thinker?" This becomes our immediate challenge. We must somehow to distance ourself from the conscious thinking mind and become the "watcher." This has to be a genuine experience, not just a mood-making "oh, I am not the body, I am the silent witness" when in reality we continue being trapped in physical life and the conscious thinking mind. The ego is very good at taking the stated goal and thinking its way to it. But thinking about riding the tiger is not the same as riding the tiger.

We can quickly achieve this state of witnessing the entire life from the subtle mind, i.e., united with Krishna, by taking a few sequential steps:

  1. find the silence that is already there in your mind and connect with that silence. You are united with Krishna in that silence. This is yogasta.
  2. perform action while remaining established in that silence - this is kuru karmani. To achieve this step we have several sub-steps:
    1. Dhyanafirst we practice acting while established in silence by starting the mantra in the physical mind and watching it from the silent part of the mind. Thinking the mantra is the simplest form of activity because the mantra has no meaning, just a sound, and the only moving part is the conscious thinking mind - the body is completely still.
    2. when we have achieved the above step 1, we are ready to add some complication to the practice, we challenge the mind to remain established in Being while performing action. We add the practice of samyama on a yoga sutra to the meditation. The sutra is still a very simple thought but it has meaning so this is one complication. Also samyama has the component of timing. With step 2 we create a stronger ability to witness this more complicated activity of the mind.
    3. we add more sutras to the program and with each sutra we complicate the activity further. Now we have to also keep track of which sutra we are supposed to be performing samyama on. Also we have to count how many times to perform samyama on each sutra and to complicate things further, some sutras may have a different number of repetitions than others.
    4. at first we have some audio cues to tell us which sutra to perform samyama on, then we remove those audio cues and the complexity of the activity increases even more as the conscious thinking mind has to keep track of which sutra and switch to the next one at the right time with only its internal clock to rely upon.
    5. Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projectionby this time we are noticing that when we lay down to sleep, the silent mind is there witnessing the process of the physical body sleeping.This is an ideal time to introduce another practice to strengthen the ability of our silent mind to stay away and alert and witness the activity of our sleeping physical body and the active prana body. So we introduce the practice of astral projection and begin to explore the world of the pranamaya kosha with that body while the anamaya kosha is sleeping.
    6. Soon after we become able to operate the prana body independently while the physical body is sleeping, we discover that our witnessing has taken a deeper level and we are able to have lucid dreams. Some additional practices are introduced during waking state to take advantage of this deeper level of witnessing and the witnessing is further strengthened.
    7. Finally we realize we are living in the now and witnessing our entire physical life from that spacious consciousness of pure Being and in time we are able to maintain this witnessing through all extremes of physical activity - Moksha Level 1 has been achieved.
    8. Once we can routinely achieve lucid dreams, we learn how to collapse the dream and enter consciously into the Celestial Realms in our manomaya kosha.

Meditating Animated GifThe ideal enviornment for this process of training is on a focused course where the entire attention is devoted to these extraordinary processes. This is actually necessary to have the environmental support so that your full attention can be devoted to the meditation and spiritual practices. With no concerns about daily life duties, this course is your spiritual development vacation! You will make maximum progress toward achieving Moksha and bring home with you an array of practices that will serve you well.

To achieve all 8 of the above sub-steps may not be possible on one 21-day course, but you will definitely make excellent progress. We all progress at our own pace with the development of the subtle bodies. The value of this course is in the personal attention you will receive. Your specific practices will be customized to your needs and current level of development. So you can retake this course again and achieve even more progress.

Sri Vyuha AshramThese courses are now being offered in a Home Study format with 21 daily 90 minute sessions over Video Skype with Visvamitra. This is the complete, customized course that is available in residence in New Mexico, except without the Flying Sutra. The Flying Sutra must be learned in residence. Each course lasts for 21 days and this is important because it takes 21 days to establish a new habit or routine. During this course you will be establishing new habits and routines that you will use to continue your development after the course. 

Your own Moksha Vitara is a requirement for this course and is included in the tuition. You will receive both the full size unit and the small pendant.

It is possible to take this 21-day home study course multiple times or follow-up with the in residence course in New Mexico to learn the Flying Sutra.

Moksha Advanced Course Series Home Study with Moksha Vitara and Pendant - 21 days  
Price: $1,997.00 Add:    
Moksha Advanced Course Series Home Study with Moksha Vitara and Pendant - 63 days  
Price: $4,597.00 Add:    
Couples Registration: Moksha Advanced Course Series Home Study with Moksha Vitara and Pendant for 2 people - 21 days  
Price: $2,684.00 Add:    
Couples Registration: Moksha Advanced Course Series Home Study with Moksha Vitara and Pendant for 2 people - 63 days  
Price: $5,284.00 Add:    

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Exit the Illusion Matrix

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