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Everyone at MVU enjoys the sattvic environment and bliss of living in a Goloka Projector environment and has a personal Goloka Projector to carry with them throughout the day.

Goloka Projector with Krishna C60 EMR Pyramids and Shurudha GeneratorThe Goloka Projector is a physical device that projects a sphere of influence into the prana field of the immediate physical locale to replicate the first day of Satyug. The prana field reflects back into the physical to create a profound effect of coherence, sattva and resonance frequency support. The sphere of physical effect is approximately 150 feet (45 meters). The benefits of a Satyug environment for the individual to enjoy a progressive, long, and happy life are manifested in the Goloka Projector sphere of influence. The opportunity that presents itself through this device is very important. Now we have a way to replicate a Satyug environment for an entire household and through the combination of several of these devices, an entire community. In this article we will explain how the Goloka Projector works, and some of its many benefits. But first we need some background to better understand the Goloka Projector.

The physical earth is structured like a large capacitor. The cavity of this capacitor is the area between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere. This capacitor is energized by 100 lightening discharges per second.  This activity of world-wide lightening forms an extremely low frequency (ELF) standing wave that had a frequency of 7.83 cycles per second (CPS) when discovered by Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952. Today this is called the Schumann Resonance Frequency.

In 1952 this ELF could actually be detected by instrumentation after Schumann calculated and proposed that it existed. Yet today, the Agents of the Pralaya have actually destroyed the ability to easily detect this most fundamental to life wave in the earth's atmosphere. They have purposefully done this by creating a myriad of frequencies that are destructive to life, that are killing the honey bee population world-wide for example, and these killer frequencies have now overtaken the life-supporting Schumann frequency.

HAARPThe Agents of the Pralaya continue their projects to destroy life on earth, using HAARP (high frequency active auroral research program) in Alaska and similar installations at various locations around the globe, to expand the ionosphere and even blow holes in it. We know there is a vast soup of electromagnetic radiation in Kaliyug that is not present in any of the other yugas. This radiation is promoted by the Agents of the Pralaya to further weaken life, disturb the natural frequency of the earth and ultimately carry out the goal of the pralaya. Massive EMF pollution is the result.

In the last 100 years our world has changed from a natural, safe, low electromagnetic environment to one heavily polluted by chaotic electromagnetic devices. Current research demonstrates the host of artificial EMFs do interact in a dangerous way with our brain and immune system and are one of the core reasons our bodies fail to heal as they should and even develop chronic disease.

Our endeavor is to create a Satyug environment so we can cultivate a healthy, Satyug 12-strand DNA physiology. Because of this, we are interested in all the characteristics of Satyug. For example we know from the Vedic Literature and logical extrapolations that the various yugas have these qualities:

  • Sat-yuga - the golden age - this cycle is 1,728,000 years in duration. During this period life is lived in accord with Natural Law for most of the period except near the end of the period.
    • The human lifespan is 100,000 years during this period and the body has 12 strands of DNA.
    • The distance from the surface of the earth to the ionosphere is about 1/4 the distance of Kaliyug - the planet is in its youth and all systems are tighter and more precise This results a 33 cycles per second frequency of the earth - this is the frequency of Sat-yuga 
    • Dharma is the measure of life in accord with Natural Law and during Sat-yuga all four pillars of Dharma are in place: cleanliness, austerity, mercy and truthfulness.
    • Spirituality is 100% - everyone is experiencing God Realization and God literally walks among us throughout daily life.
    • When cleanliness erodes and drops away, this signals the onset of Treta-yuga
  • Treta-yuga - the silver age - this cycle is 1,296,000 years in duration and Dharma consists of austerity, mercy and truthfulness.
    • The human lifespan is only 10,000 years during this age and the body has only 8 strands of active DNA.
    • As the planetary systems slow down, the ionosphere expands and the frequency of the earth drops to 24.75 cycles per second.
    • Spirituality is 75% - most individuals are experiencing some aspect of God Realization
    • When austerity erodes and drops off the Dvapara-yuga dawns.
  • Dvapara-yuga - the copper age - this cycle is 864,000 years in duration and Dharma is characterized by mercy and truthfulness only.
    • The typical human lifespan declines to 1,000 years and the body has only 4 strands of DNA.
    • The ionosphere expands farther and the frequency of the earth drops to 16.5 cycles per second.
    • Spirituality is 50%
    •  When mercy erodes and drops off, Kali-yuga dawns
  • Kali-yuga - the iron age - this cycle is the most brief of the four, lasting for 432,000 years during which society and morals decline and even truthfulness eventually is lost.
    • The human lifespan is a mere 100 years and the body has only 2 active strands of DNA. Near the end of Kaliyug, the average human lifespan will be about 20 years.
    • Spirituality declines from 25% to almost zero
    • The ionosphere has expanded farther beyond the surface of the earth and this results in a starting frequency of the earth of 8.25 cycles per second. As the influences of Kaliyug grow, the frequency declines to 7.83 cycles per second as measured in 1952. Eventually, near the end of Kaliyug, the earth's frequency will decline to barely over 1.5 cycles per second.
    • The magnetic field that protects the people from cosmic radiation will have declined significantly.
    • As Kali-yuga deteriorates more and more there comes a time when the collective karma held by Rahu explodes and there is total destruction causing the end of Kali-yuga. After this major pralaya, there arises a new dawn of Sat-yuga with Dharma fully established again.

Fundamental to this physical wave frequency of the earth, is a prana wave frequency in the prana field. Just as source of the beating of the human heart is found in the pranamaya kosha, so also the "beat" frequency of the earth has its source in the prana field. When the pranamaya kosha withdraws from the anamaya kosha, we say the body has died - physical life has ended, and the heart stops its rhythmical beating. When the prana wave frequency of the earth stops, the life of the planet ends and the major pralaya, or time of complete destruction of the universe, begins. Like a dead body eventually deteriorates into dust, so the universe deteriorates into total darkness.

The massive electromagnetic pollution that surrounds us today is truly devastating to human life. We can use a Faraday Cage to shield against this pollution or we can directly inject sattvic influences into the prana field. Sattva dilutes the pollution caused by all the electromagnetic radiation and restores balance. We have used the Faraday Cage technology to create a simulated Satyug environment in the Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid, and this is highly effective. But this only shields us from physical EMF's. Expanding on this concept we are creating Goloka Sanctuary Communities that will futher provide a proper Satyug environment.

In the last 100 years our world has changed from a natural electromagnetic environment to one heavily polluted by electromagnetic devices. Current research demonstrates artificial EMFs DO interact in a dangerous way with our brain and immune system and may even stand as the core reason our bodies don’t heal as they should. - See more at:
In the last 100 years our world has changed from a natural electromagnetic environment to one heavily polluted by electromagnetic devices. Current research demonstrates artificial EMFs DO interact in a dangerous way with our brain and immune system and may even stand as the core reason our bodies don’t heal as they should. - See more at:

What if we could inject the earth's frequency of 33 CPS during Satyug plus all 432,000 syllables of the primordial Rik Ved into the prana field today? Then we would have a sattvic, coherent effect that would actually be the same environment as the very first day of Satyug of Lord Brahma's Creation. This coherent effect would create a sphere of protection from the prana field pollution of Kaliyug and produce an environment in the prana field that is similar to Goloka. The influence of this Goloka environment in the prana field would reflect into the physical world and cause a blooming of the sattvic values of Satyug. By injecting the pure sattva of the 432,000 syllables of the Rik Ved plus the Satyug Resonance Frequency of the earth into the prana field, we will create a pure bubble of Satyug in the mud of Kaliyug.

Now that we have our hypothesis, how do we create a model of this Goloka Projector and experience all the benefits?  The practice of using the physical vibrations of the Rik Veda to charge salt crystals and produce Atmavedi Crystals has been in use for several years. Such a practice produces good results in a small space and is an effective way to program the salt crystals with all the devata qualities of the Rik Veda. But we need to create a sattvic influence of Satyug for a larger area and we need to effectively dilute and therefore render impotent the vast array of electromagnetic influences in the modern environment. If we take our influence to a more subtle level, it will be more powerful, so we need to influence the prana field directly. What is the prana field and how can we inject an influence directly?

Maxwell EquationsLet's look first at the topic of the prana field from the perspective of physics. In recent history, the "scalar field" was proposed by James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) with his quaternion math. He linked electricity and magnetism and laid the foundation for modern physics. The scalar field calculations which he included in his research were deliberately left out of his work when subsequently reformulated by Heaviside and Lorenz into vector math. Heinrich Hertz, using this vector approach, laid down the laws taught for physics as a discipline at colleges. These scientists dismissed Maxwell's scalar field of potentials as "mystical" because they were physically unmanifest and only existed in the "ethers" and so were determined to be too ineffectual for further study. This enigmatic scalar field was rediscovered by Nicola Tesla in 1904.

The scalar field lies outside of the 3-dimensional physical space. We understand this to mean the scalar field is found on the level of the Pranamaya Kosha and could just as well be named the "prana field."  The prana field is the realm of the devas of your body, for example. They interface between the prana body and the physical body via the prana field.

Maharishi, 1960Maharishi called the scalar field of physics "The Unified Field of Natural Law". He said this is the unified source of Nature's perfect order in a single, self-interacting field of intelligence at the foundation of all the Laws of Nature. This field sequentially creates, from within itself, all the diverse Laws of Nature governing life at every level of the manifest universe. The Unified Field of Natural Law inside and its diversified expression outside are completely parallel to each other.

The self-interacting dynamics of this unified field constitutes the most basic level of Nature's dynamics and is governed by its own set of fundamental laws. Just as the constitution of a nation represents the most fundamental level of national law and the basis of all laws governing the nation, the laws governing the self-interacting dynamics of the unified field represent the most fundamental level of Natural Law and the basis of all known Laws of Nature. The laws governing the self-interacting dynamics of the unified field were named by him "the Constitution of the Universe."  He said this is the eternal, nonchanging basis of Natural Law and the ultimate source of the order and harmony displayed throughout creation.

CapacitorIn the unified field theories of modern physics, the precise mathematical form of these fundamental laws is found in the superstring theory. In Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM, these same fundamental laws, known as the Constitution of the Universe, are found in the Rik Veda. The entire universe we live in was created by Lord Brahma when He performed Samyama on the 432,000 syllables of the Rik Veda. These sounds or frequencies are the projection of the One Absolute Reality we know as Goloka.

This video gives us the perspective of a John Hagelin, PhD, a modern scientist who is completely familiar with Maharishi's concept of the Unified Field of Natural Law. As you watch this video, keep in mind that he is referring to what we are calling the scalar field or the prana field, and describing it from the perspective of the physical realm. This is the unified source, or the potential, from where the physical realm arises. Quantum mechanics is the quaternion math of Maxwell that describes mathematically the origin of the physical universe.

Unified Field

Scalar waves are not "waves" in a physical sense, but do exist in the prana field and arise from nonlocal potential energy, or the Unified Field - the prana field of the Pranamaya Kosha. They carry information and have a fractal structure, and do not decay over time or distance. This video presents the information about the scalar field from another modern scientist, Dr Tom Bearden, who is actively working to extract useable energy for the physical realm from the prana field, following the research of Tesla.

Extracting Energy from the Scalar Field

A simple capacitor is able to store energy as a static electrical field in the physical domain. CapacitorThe energy is only released when the circuit is closed.  Scalar "waves" store energy and information in a dimension outside of the physical 3-dimensional space, in the prana field. The importance of this is, this stored energy can be released by closing the circuit in the physical 3-dimensional space.

DNA of the Immortal Human Physiology of Sat YugaAn RLC circuit (the letters R, L and C can be in other orders) is an electrical circuit consisting of a resistor, an inductor, and a capacitor, connected in series or in parallel. The RLC part of the name is due to those letters being the usual electrical symbols for resistance, inductance and capacitance respectively. The circuit forms a harmonic oscillator for current and will resonate in a such a way that it is able to tune into the ambient radio waves if it is in harmony with the frequency. Our DNA is more than only a data storage unit. DNA is a type of RLC circut that acts as a quantum antenna, able to send and receive data in the prana field and interface the Pranamaya Kosha with the Anamaya Kosha or physical body, thereby being able to access scalar information outside of the physical realm. Similar to an RLC circuit in electronics that works in the domain of Hertzian (vector) waves, DNA can create and receive scalar field information by being in tune with the prana field. As with any true scalar system, no information or energy is lost in this communication or transmission.

"The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power."
                                                                                                                     Nikola Tesla

Pineal GlandOur brain is such a tuning machine. Information is not stored in our brain. Our brain, actually the focus is the Pineal Gland, is an interface creating a connection with a more subtle realm than the physical. The field created by our brain makes all cells in the body resonate. Each DNA structure reinforces this field. 

Humans have a collective consciousness and a collective memory. The Maharishi Effect is based on the principal that individual consciousness is affected by collective consciousness and the collective is affected by the individual - we are all interconnected with each other. Actually, we all share one Anandamaya Kosha. Our thoughts and emotions affect all humans. If many individuals are coherent in their minds, like a laser, then they produce a scalar wave that changes the physical.

Lakshmi - Kubera Yagña Puja Table SmallYajña is a way to produce a scalar wave in the prana field to change the physical, and is actually the basis of our universe. It is through yajña that Lord Brahma created the universe. Yajña is a physical performance that generates an effect in the prana or scalar field. It has these key components:

  1. mantra - sound vibrations that are introduced into the physical realm and mirrored internally in the mind of the individual conducting the yajña as intention, and the repetition of the mantra serves to amplify the intention
  2. yantra - a physical form that represents the target of the performance, either a mental image, a physical image or statue
  3. agni - the energy that transmits the sound vibrations and intentions into the prana field - agni is the flame from a lighted ghee lamp or candle

These three components, taken together, generate a physical waveform effect that manifests in the prana field. The human Pineal Gland, coupled with the DNA of the body (which acts like an antenna to magnify the intention radiating from the Pineal Gland) is an important and necessary component, for without this mechanism, the physical waveform would not be able to radiate into the prana field.

Just as a scalar wave from the prana field can have a physical influence, a physical 3-dimensional wave can be used to generate a scalar wave. For example, the frequency of a sound, projected through a wire into a speaker will produce the sound wave in the air around the speaker. However, with a modification of the circuit and a proper antenna and the assistance of an intermediary (that functions in a way similar to the DNA of the human body), the sound frequency as pure electric potential will propagate into the prana field and form a scalar wave. No sound is produced in the physical domain but a feeling of a vibration can be detected in the pranamaya kosha and the prana field reflects back into the physical to actually change the physical realm.

Goloka Projector view 2The Goloka Projector uses the principal of yajña and various physical components to replicate, on a continuous and highly amplified basis, the intention or desire to create Goloka on earth now.  The Goloka Projector has these components:

  1. mantra - 432,000 syllables of the Rik Veda on a 33 CPS carrier frequency (Satyug Resonance Frequency)
  2. yantra - the name of the device and its programmed intention along with the tetrahedron design that resonates with the prana field
  3. agni - electricity that carries the frequencies of the mantra into an amplified prana field antenna 

The Goloka Projector is literally a devata being that is structured from physical components with electricity as its blood and wires as its arteries and veins. Its brain is an amplified frequency generator, its Pineal Gland is a quartz crystal and its DNA is a mobius coil that surrounds the crystal. The Goloka Projector functions as a yajña to create Goloka on earth. It has one purpose - to project Goloka into the prana realm and by reflection of the prana field back into the physical, to create Goloka on earth in the surrounding locale.

Why do we use the word "projector" in the name of this device? This arises from the fundamental truth that our universe and everything and everyone in it is maya - literally, that which is not. If all is maya, then is it all illusion and not real? Yes! There is one reality that we can call the Absolute - the unchanging, uncreated, never ending realm that is the source of our universe and infinite other universes, all of which are relative to the Absolute. This is a deep subject worthy of study and actually not possible to fully understand from the perspective of one embedded in this maya matrix that we call "real life".  To truly understand the Absolute one must experience it, first-hand! Fortunately that is possible.

The Absolute has two aspects (not different but can be experienced as different):

  1. Pure Unmanifest Consciousness - we call this the Shiva aspect
  2. Total Manifest Expression - we call this the Krishna aspect

Human consciousness is capable of experiencing both of these aspects, because both are the essential nature of every individual 's existence. If you do not experience the fullness of the Absolute as your essential nature, then we have programs to help you develop this ability - it is your birthright.

Before you experience the Absolute for yourself, it is helpful to make an analogy with something we are all familiar with - a hologram, a special kind of picture that is produced by a laser and that looks three-dimensional.  For example, Hologram Componentsto make a hologram, the object to be photographed is first bathed in the light of a laser beam. Then a second laser beam is bounced off the reflected light of the first and the resulting interference pattern (the area where the two laser beams commingle) is captured on film.

When the film is developed, it looks like a meaningless swirl of light and dark lines. But as soon as the developed film is illuminated by another laser beam, a three-dimensional image of the original object appears.

The three-dimensionality of such images is not the only remarkable characteristic of holograms. If a hologram of a rose is cut in half and then illuminated by a laser, each half will still be found to contain the entire image of the rose.

Indeed, even if the halves are divided again, each snippet of film will always be found to contain a smaller but intact version of the original image. Unlike normal photographs, every part of a hologram contains all the information possessed by the whole.

The "whole in every part" nature of a hologram provides us with an entirely new way of understanding organization and order. For most of its history, Western science has labored under the bias that the best way to understand a physical phenomenon, whether a frog or an atom, is to dissect it and study its respective parts.

A hologram teaches us that some things in the universe may not lend themselves to this approach. If we try to take apart something constructed holographically, we will not get the pieces of which it is made, we will only get smaller wholes.

Now we replace the components in the illustration above with our understanding that Krishna, the Total Manifest Expression of the Absolute, is the Consciousness of The Supreme Divine Being, and acting through various agencies, produces, by a process of projection, what we perceive as our universe. From this we see there can be nothing higher than Realizing Krishna - the experience that God is Real, not the understanding that God is Real.

If we take the position that only Krishna is real and everything else is a projection or maya, then to Realize God means to know that which is Real.

We want to align with those who have the thinking that is common in Satyug where spirituality is 100%, when God literally walks among us, i.e., everyone has Krishna Realization. Today in Kaliyug with spirituality approaching 0%, almost no one has the experience of Krishna Realization.

We like to refer to the Realm of the Total Manifest Expression of the Absolute as "Goloka". This Sanskrit word literally means "the realm of rays of light." There is only one Goloka, but how many universes are there? Infinite! 

When Lord Brahma starts His life and creates His first new Day, He creates an almost perfect replica of Goloka. Goloka is the only reality - it is the Absolute, unchanging realm of Krishna. In this picture below, you can see the relationship of Goloka to the innumerable universes (click on the picture for a view that can be magnified to see all the detail).

Now we understand our "place" in the scheme of things and how our universe arises as a projection of the One Absolute Universe of Goloka. The Goloka Projector functions to insert a bubble of Satyug into the dark mud of Kaliyug. The Goloka Projector transmits the resonance frequency of Satyug along with the 432,000 syllables of the Rik Veda into the Prana Field (or Scalar Field or the Unified Field of Natural Law), then a "bubble" of Goloka spontaneously springs forth from the prana field!

For clarity, we have added the Goloka Projector to the image representing the Components of our Holographic Universe:

Goloka Projector and Components of our Holographic Universe

This process of the Goloka Projector functions in a way that is similar to Samyama. In Samyama, the mind is the instrument that transcends to the prana field and deposits the sutra, then the prana field spontaneously brings forth the fruit of the sutra into the mind (or in some cases actually into the physical universe). The programmed quartz crystal antenna of the Goloka Projector functions as the mind and deposits the syllables of the Rik Veda into the prana field, resulting in a spontaneous creation of a bubble of Satyug.

How could a mechanical device like this possibly work?

To answer this, we have to first consider the devas. Devas are sparks of creative intelligence that are created by mantra and programmed by intention to perform a specific function. The term "mantra" is derived from Sanskrit man, "mind," and tra, "to deliver." Mantra is a manifestation of shabda, or sacred sound that can be controlled by intention to create, maintain or destroy. Loud vibration of mantra is most powerful for acting upon physical matter and silent or mental vibration of mantra is most powerful for acting upon subtle levels that are beyond the physical.

Any syllable can be a mantra, but the pure syllables of Sanskrit are the most profound. The entire universe is created by mantras vibrated in the consciousness of Lord Brahma. Narayana is the supreme divine being of a universe, and Brahma is the foremost Jiva. Brahma is told, by Narayana, to create the universe by tapas. Tapas means “turning up the heat or creating fire or agni”. Agni is the first deva so we conclude that tapas means creating devas and that is accomplished by vibrating mantras.

Lord Brahma is the originator of the 4 Vedas, Rig, Sama, Yajur and Atharva. The Rig Ved (Maharishi calls it the "Rik Veda" and that is an entire story in itself) contains the most primordial mantras that create the fundamental devas which activate the S’rî Chaka. The S’rî Chakra is the primordial structure in consciousness around which all Jivas build out their physiologies. It is the resonating antenna that connects the mind of every Jiva with the Mind of the Creator. It is the strength and purity of this S’rî Chakra connection that determines the level of consciousness exhibited by the Jiva. On the physical plane the one in Brahman Consciousness has a perfect connection with the Mind of Lord Brahma through the resonating antenna of the S’rî Chakra.

Lord Brahma performed tapas, or what we would also call Samyama, on the 432,000 mantras of the Rik Veda for thousands of human years until the entire universe manifested as an almost perfect replica of the Absolute Universe, the Eternal Abode of Krishna, Goloka. So the first day of this universe, the first day of Satyug, dawned as the projected 3-D holographic image of Goloka.

Quartz Crystal - FactsSamyama is performed by projecting the intention of the individual into the prana field. The sentient mind of the Goloka Projector is a large quartz crystal that has been programmed to perform Samyama. Quartz crystals are the most common and abundant in the world, comprising the largest and most diverse family in the mineral kingdom. From ancient times to the present day, quartz crystals have been a source of Light to mankind. Highly valued by spiritual leaders and healers as well as scientists, the unique attributes of quartz have played a key role in mankind's evolutionary development.

Quartz crystals are sentient beings that are like physical devas. One can communicate with a quartz crystal and program it with intention to possess intention and use that intention to perform a specific function. These crystals have the ability to transmit their programmed intention into the prana field. So we program a quartz crystal to accept the physical vibrations of the Resonance Frequency of the Earth in Satyug plus the 432,000 mantras of the Rik Veda and transmit them into the prana field with the intention of creating a bubble of Goloka, pure Satyug, in the physical locale surrounding the Goloka Projector.

We enclose the Goloka Projector in a tetrahedron made of copper to resonnate with Agni and reinforce the crystal based Samyama. This tetrahedron is a Faraday Cage that protects the crystal from electromagnetic radiation. Images of Goloka decorate the exterior of this tetrahedron, to further reinforce the intention of the crystal Samyama.

Each of the 432,000 mantras of the Rik Veda become a deva in the prana field. When a sufficient number of these devas have been created, they create the Goloka bubble in the physical. A minimum of 1,000 sets of the full compliment of 432,000 devas are required to reach the critical mass necessary to manifest a Goloka bubble. This produces 432,000,000 devas. In physical time, it takes about 40 hours to create 432,000 devas so we need to run the Goloka Projector continuously for about 55 months to manifest a Goloka bubble.

A Goloka bubble will begin to appear in the prana field after about 40 hours of continuous operation. From the first day, a buble of Satyug Resonance Frequency will be apparent in the prana field and can be experienced with the senses of the prana body. One will feel a very pleasant, strong vibration in the prana body when in the range of the Goloka Projector (about 150 feet radius). This frequency will immediately support the activation of the full 12-strands of DNA in every cell of every human being within range of the Goloka Projector. All of the practices of Satyug Kaya Kalpa are supported by this resonance frequency.

Every Goloka Spiritual Community will have a Goloka Projector. We are building 1,000 Goloka Sanctuary Communities, located throughout the world,each with 1,000 residents. This will take quite some time and considerable financial resources to develop, so in the interim we can begin now to populate the globe with Goloka Projectors. Our objective is to soften the pralaya scenario and avoid the more extreme version discussed here. We have proposed the Surya / Rahu Yajña solution, and now the Goloka Projector solution.

Every family home should have a Goloka Projector, and every temple, every church and every business should have one. If we can place millions of Goloka Projectors throughout the world, the inevitable pralaya will be greatly softened. Click here to acquire a Goloka Projector today.

What is Sattva (Sattva - in sanskrit)? "Sat" means "pure" so "sattva" would mean that which is pure. We always instinctively want that which is pure. This is like the phrase; "cleanliness is next to Godliness" - what is cleanliness? purity or sattva, and this is actually based in reality. To explain, we can take the perspective of the four major time periods in the cycles of time, known as the yugas. Here we have an image that depicts the Life of Brahma and shows where we are now, on the verge of the Krishna Golden Age:

Krishna Golden Age within the Life of Brahma

Goloka Projector and Components of our Holographic UniverseSatya-yuga is the first of the 4 yugas and the one time period that is most pure - by pure we mean this time period exhibits the qualities that are very close to the model of a perfect universe, Goloka.  Goloka is the Absolute (unchanging and eternal) realm of Krishna. Our universe is just a 3-D holographic projection, known in the Vedic Literature as "maya" or "that which is not" - an illusion.

When we say "the means gather around the sattva" - what are "the means"? Devas. Devas are sparks of creative Devasintelligence that make everything happen - devas transform the intention into the apparent reality. From the intention of the Creator to the intention of the individual person, devas cause the manifestation of the desire. At the point in time when Lord Brahma desires to bring forth another day in His life, devas bring that day forth. We are working on a very fundamental level here - the actual creation of our universe. Lord Brahma practices the technique of Samyama on the 432,000 mantras of the Rk Veda to manifest His universe. 

As Lord Brahma performs Samyama on the mantras of the Rk Veda, devas are created. These devas have the ability to manifest the totality of the universe. When Lord Brahma completes His meditation, He has created 432,000 devas and these devas manifest the complete universe.

Unifield FieldSamyama only "works" when the mind is pure, sattvic. That means the mind is one with the Unified Field of Natural Law, or what we call the Prana Field (sometimes called the Scalar Field).  But each time we have a desire and focus our intention on fulfilling that desire, devas are enlisted to cause the manifestation of the desire. We may not have the sattva to actually create devas through Samyama, the way Lord Brahma does, but there are always some devas that will come to manifest the desire.

Devas exist everywhere there is life. In our physical body, every cell has a deva. There are devas that form from the collective consciousness of the cells that make up organ systems, so there is a deva of the digestive system, a deva of the nervous system, etc. There is a deva that is responsible for our body as a whole: the deva of the body. This deva has the ability to keep our body in perfect health, if we will only instruct it and allow it to so.

Meditating GirlWhen a person is initiated to perform meditation and meditates for a while, there is a common experience that most report soon after: "support of nature". This means the person notices that desires are more easily fulfilled. Common, everyday things like finding a parking space, or finding the perfect item when shopping.  But even more important things seems to happen effortlessly, finding a new job that is perfect, having the necessary finances to make an important purchase because someone sent money, and many other stories of more support for the fulfillment of desires.

Why does this happen? The practice of meditation spontaneously generates greater sattva in the mind and this greater sattva attracts devas into the life. That is right - the means (devas) gather around the sattva.

There is another way to attract devas, and that is through the practice of yajña. Yajñas are highly scientific and precise multi-dimensional esoteric techniques to invoke and direct devas into establishing concrete, tangible and constructive fruits. For example, if one is troubled by karma from Shani, causing delays, poverty, unhappiness and misery in life, a yajña to Shani exists that will cause devas to construct a shield over the individual and block the further manifestation of Shani karma. Think about the implications of this!

Goloka Projector view 2How can we enjoy a sattva-rich environment now?  The Goloka Projector is the answer because it projects a sphere of sattva influence into the prana field of the immediate physical locale to replicate the first day of Satyug. The prana field reflects back into the physical to create a profound effect of coherence, sattva and resonance frequency support. In Satyug, sattva is maximum and the deva population is very dense and vital, allowing for almost instantaneous fulfillment of desire for the citizens. As the purity of the environment declines in each successive yuga, the deva population and their vitality also declines. LIfe becomes more of a struggle and fulfillment of desires becomes more and more difficult.

The Goloka Projector comes with personal, rechargeable, Goloka Projectors for each member of the family. The personal unit is small (about 1.5 inches in diameter and 1/2 inch thick) and can be carried in a pocket or worn as a pendant. Each personal Goloka Projector is custom made for the individual to contain the Jyotish Yantra for the person plus a pure quartz crystal to radiate the sattva in a 10 foot diameter sphere around the person. The personal units are recharged by placing them in the charging well of the main Goloka Projector.

One personal Goloka Projector will be included at no additional cost and additional personal Goloka Projectors for family members may be purchased at a nominal cost.

Click here to order your Goloka Projector.

Krishna Dark C60 Logo

Krishna C60 is a recently discovered form of carbon as a spherical molecule with superconductor properties.  The Goloka Projector utilizes Krishna C60 to provide electromagnetic and geothermal radiation neutralization to protect you and your family from the harsh Kaliyug / pralaya environment that we now live in.

Electromagnetic Radiation Neutralization

We all need protection from Electromagnetic Radiation - this is one of the most destructive elements for the human body during Kaliyug. Electromagnetic pollution is all around us. Here's a short list of the main culprits:

  • cell (and other mobile) phones
  • computers and related equipment
  • electrical appliances (including TV's)
  • electronic equipment
  • cell phone masts
  • radio and TV transmitters
  • microwave ovens
  • house-wiring
  • high and low voltage power lines
  • information networks
  • cars, motor cycles, buses, trains, planes.

Electromagnetic Radiation
Practically every new invention adds to the pollution. In fact, collectively, we've all been adding to EMF pollution for over 100 years. The rate of increase is rising exponentially. Electromagnetic pollution has now reached the critical level at which it can seriously damage your health. Electrosensitivity is a debilatating disorder that will soon be felt by more than 50% of the population. The devas of out bodies are working constantly to protect us from electromagnetic polution. The human body is amazingly adaptive and can survive the most oppressive environmental conditions, but if it is subjected to oppressive environmental conditions, all of the energy is wasted in this protection. There is no energy left for development of refined nervous system and higher states of consciousness!

Create a Healthy Home

These random EMR fields interact to create a massive, chaotic field of EMR that is highly damaging to life. If we could introduce coherence into this chaotic field, we would create a Meissner-like Effect that would change this life damaging field into a life-supporting superconductor field. This is exactly what the Goloka Projector does.

C60 BuckminsterfullereneThe Goloka Projector protects our families from EMR by neutralizing the chaotic aspect of the radiation using the Krishna C60 molecular technology.

Krishna C60 is a spherical carbon molecule with the chemical formula C60. It is a cage-like fused-ring structure (truncated icosahedron), made of twenty hexagons and twelve pentagons, with a carbon atom at each vertex of each polygon and a bond along each polygon edge. This Krishna C60 molecure is Illustrated by the image on the right.

Krishna C60 produces a revolutionary shielding effect and has been proven to be the most effective device for neutralizing the chaotic aspect (rajasic and tamasic) all of the known electromagnetic radiation of modern civilization. The Goloka Projector includes a powerful Krishna C60 EMR neutralization module that literally absorbs ambient chaotic EMR and renders it harmless. The home model of the Goloka Projector can purify an area of about a 50 foot radius. This is sufficient to purify an entire 4,000 square foot home.

The electromagnetic waves are not totally destroyed, but instead are rendered into coherent fields that are not damaging to human life. The result is you can still receive wi-fi signals, cell phone signals, radio signals, etc. but they no longer have the chaotic factor that damaging. Rajasic and tamasic qualities of the chaotic mixed signals are converted into a more coherent, sattvic field.

The Goloka Projector attracts chaotic EMR, and using a catalytic action unique to Krishna C60 superconductor molecules it neutralizes this chaotic EMR. So the Goloka Projector operates on both the physical and prana levels simultaneously. On the physical level it is constantly neutralizing the rajasic and tamasic chaotic electromagnetic radiation within its range, and on the prana level it is projecting pure sattva that elevates the spiritual frequency of the home to the frequency of Satyug

However, there is more than chaotic electromagnetic radiation to be concerned about. We must also neutralize chaotic geopathic radiation and stress if we are to have a sattvic environment like that of Satyug.

Geothermal Radiation and Stress

Geopathic radiation and stress are stress lines or zones which emanate electromagnetic frequency radiation naturally from the earth due to geological features such as underground streams, mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities.

Man-made alterations of the landscape, anything from underground cables to road construction projects, can create or intensify geopathic stress.

Geopathic Radiation And Stress

Geopathic stress lines can span from two to 200 feet, and reach a height of 600 to 30,000 feet. Their direction is random and may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. When natural radiation rises through the earth from geopathic stress lines, its wavelength becomes distorted. These distorted fields of chaotic radiation are harmful to all living organisms.

Electrical ground current is a factor that causes Geopathic stress. Electrical current returning to the substation through the earth can act as “stray voltage.” Electrical ground currents occur when the utility's wire is overloaded and returns back to the substation “off the wire,” traveling through the earth conducted by soil, water, and plumbing lines.

Electro-pathological energy created by modern technology can also contribute to geopathic stress in the form of high and low frequency energy from telecommunication towers, electricity pylons, transformers, radar and radio towers. As well as electromagnetic fields that emanate from such structures as high tension, or satellite towers, electrical street poles, or circuit breakers.

Studies have shown that over 85% of patients who die from cancer have experienced regular exposure to geopathic stress. Geopathic stress has been found to be the common factor in many serious and minor illnesses and psychological conditions, especially those conditions in which the immune system is severely compromised. The major risk factor is an increased possibility of cancer. While geopathic stress does not directly cause cancer, it weakens the body and makes it much more likely to acquire cancer.

Furthermore, geopathic stress lines have also been linked to cardiovascular deficiency, attention deficit disorder, immune deficiency disorders and chronic fatigue. Common symptoms linked to geopathic stress include chronic body pains, headaches, sudden signs of physical aging, irritability and restless sleep. It is also a common factor in cases of infertility and miscarriages, learning difficulties, behavioral problems and neurological disabilities in children.

In fact, just sleeping in a geopathic stress zone is particularly harmful. That’s because while you sleep and try to prepare your body for the next day, it is being robbed of its ability to fully rest, repair and regenerate, damaging your efforts to feel good and function optimally.

Studies have shown that when the home or work place of the affected person is neutralized, the geopathic stress symptoms resolve themselves and the body begins to heal.

The Goloka Projector's Krishna C60 superconductor based technology provides a sphere that is 100 feet in diameter to surround your home and family in a geopathic radiation and stress free zone. This technology not only absorbs and neutralizes chaotic electromagnetic radiation, but also chaotic geopathic radiation and stress.

Healthy Home Thanks to Goloka Projector

The Personal Goloka Projector pendant contains this same technology sufficient to generate a 10 foot sphere of Goloka MahaVitara View Smallprotection around the wearer. At the end of the day, you simply place the pendant into the charging well on the base of the Goloka Projector and the Personal Goloka Projector is recharged with sattva and all the rajasic and tamasic radiation that has been absorbed during the day is discharged.

The Krishna C60 EMR unit is shown in the image on the left as the large black shungite pyramid. We use the pyramid shape to resonate with the manomaya kosha realm and that creates a subtle effect by itself. Also the pyramid shape exposes maximum surface area of the naturally occuring Krishna C60 material to the environment to maximize EMR absorption. The Goloka Projector comes in several models to accommodate homes, businesses, churches, temples and even whole communities with a bubble of Satyug sattva up to 1/4 of a mile in diameter.  The one pictured on the left is the Goloka MahaVitara model.

Krishna C60 Shurudha - shurudha is from the Rig Veda and means "healing, invigorating draught".

Krishna C60 Shurudha - GoldThe Krishna C60 molecule is about a billionth of a meter in diameter and incredibly stable. Krishna C60 (also known as "fullerenes") were discovered in 1985 by Robert Curl and Richard Smalley. Together with Harold Kroto they synthesized these three-dimensional forms of carbon while trying to simulate the high-temperature, high-pressure conditions necessary for the formation of stars. Their discovery won them the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1996. The natural existence of Krishna C60 remained unclear until they were verified in deposits of shungite from the Karelia region of Russia, and then discovered in meteorites and in outer space. In 1991, Science magazine named fullerenes “molecule of the year,” calling them “the discovery most likely to shape the course of scientific research in the years ahead.” Scientists everywhere are researching fullerenes for their technological applications in material science, electronics, and nanotechnology. Krishna C60 resonates in the far infrared spectrum with all forms of living matter and are thought to be connected with the generation of life.

Krishna C60 is an amazing, intelligent molecule that has some interesting properties. Not only will it neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation, but it also will purify and enhance water! I have experienced first-hand how the Krishna C60 Pyramids change the quality of the environment by neutralizing EMR, and was very interested to experience what it could do for water. A few days ago, I tried Krishna C60 Shurudha for the first time and I was impressed - here are the notes I made in my experience log:

"...with this shurudha, I can feel the increased liveliness in the prana body, especially in the hands and arms, even as I type this, also the heart feels the prana energy, seems much stronger than before I drank 5 oz of the water. The water has a taste that is subtle and not unpleasant, in the few minutes since I drank the water the prana body has become increasingly activated. "

After drinking Krishna C60 Shurudha for several days, I am aware of some subtle changes, detoxing, balancing and healing taking place in the body.

ShungiteKrishna C60 Shurudha is made with a natural substance that is rich in the C60 molecule. This mineral is called "noble shungite", a mineral discovered in 1995 in the Karelia region of Russia. This mineral is composed of up to 98% carbon and is rich in C60 molecules.

Krishna C60 Shurudha is intelligent - it heals, protects, treats, saves, purifies, normalizes and restores - it kills and absorbs everything that does harm to you. Krishna C60 absorbs chemical pollution, fluoride and heavy metals that may be in the water and imparts healing properties to the water. This water has been used as a treatment for various health issues, such as arthritis, acute and chronic bronchitis, heart disease, allergies, skin diseases, diabetes, anemia, asthma, gastritis, kidney diseases, pancreas disorders, and chronic fatigue. It revives the youth and beauty of the skin. It makes hair stronger, adding shine and silkiness.

Krishna C60 Shurudha Jar with BubblesDuring the Krishna C60 Shurudha generation process, a subtle prana energy is added that the physical and prana body can utilize directly. The image on the right shows the water jar with suspended Krishna C60 shungite pod.

The water jar sits on a magnetic pad that has the Sri Chakra on one side and an image of the C60 molecule on the other. This magnetic pad serves a dual function:

(1) Bio-therapeutic magnetic energy is imparted into the water.  Water is paramagnetic – meaning that it will hold a magnetic charge. In Krishna C60 Shurudha Magnetic Pad Topnature, the earth’s magnetic field naturally charges water in lakes, wells, and running streams. However, as water passes through treatment plants and is transported through pipes to your home or work place, it loses its magnetic charge. Treating water with magnetic fields restores the natural energy and balance that nature intended. Magnetized water has more hydroxyl (OH-) ions that form alkaline molecules which reduces the acidity. Normal tap water has a pH of about 7. Magnetized water is more alkaline and can have a pH as high as 9.2. Magnetizing water reduces the surface tension of the water making it feel softer. It is thinner, wetter, and more absorbable, so it is better able to penetrate cell walls and deliver the nutrients that it carries.

Krishna C60 Shurudha Magnetic Pad BottomThe human body is over 70% water. All biological functions including circulation, digestion, absorption, and excretion depend on water. Water is required for blood, the lymphatic system, and healthy skin and muscles. It is well known among health professionals that when you are sick, the pH of your body is more acidic. Magnetized water, which is more alkaline, raises the pH of your body, which allows the body to get rid of the toxins. Bio-magnetized water is believed to be energy-building, activating, cleansing, and detoxifying. People have reported resolving bladder problems, recovering quickly from a stroke, alleviating arthritis pain, reducing blood pressure, and breaking up kidney and gall stones by drinking magnetic water. Reported health benefits of drinking magnetic water include:

sweeter taste and more clarity reduced acidity in the body and promotes a more alkaline pH
promotes healing of wounds and burns therapeutic effect on digestive, nervous, and urinary systems
beneficial for asthma, fevers, colds, coughs, bronchitis, and sore throat beneficial for menstrual and menopause discomfort
revitalize the body positive effect on the autonomic nervous system
help regulate the heart function and clear clogged arteries beneficial for kidney ailments (removal and prevention of stones), gout, obesity (it improves metabolic activity), and premature aging
helps relieve pain infuses energy into the body, controls bacteria, and stimulates brain function
help dissipate toxic deposits in the body’s connective tissue regulate blood pressure (high or low)
used to wash external cuts and scrapes remove the plaque on your teeth if you use it to brush your teeth
make your hair softer and more manageable Magnetic water is ionic so it helps reset the charge on cell walls, thus promoteing better circulation

(2) The energetic pattern of the Sri Chakra is imprinted on the water, allowing this most auspicious of yantras to influence the quality of the water.  The S’rî Chakra is fundamental to life - it is the primordial archetype for life. 

The S’rî Chakra is like an office building with 432,000 offices or apartments. When there is an employee in each office, the business can function at 100% capacity. If there are missing employees, the ability of the business to function is impaired. The S’rî Chakra of the typical human being at this time of Kaliyug has only 10% of the required devas. When the S’rî Chakra is fully populated with vibrant, awake devas, a phase transition occurs and the consciousness aligns perfectly with the Mind of Lord Brahma and a Satyug 12-strand DNA physiology is the result.

Plus there is one more significant reason that Krishna C60 Shurudha is different and more powerful than water treated with shungite alone - this is because the C60 is supercharged in the Goloka Projector Charging Well prior to use. This means, Krishna C60 Shurudha is water that is structured with the entire 432,000 mantras of the Rig Veda.

The pure syllables of the Rig Veda are the most profound and primordial mantras. The entire universe is created by mantras vibrated in the consciousness of Lord Brahma. Narayana is the supreme divine being of a universe, and Brahma is the foremost Jiva. Brahma is told to create the universe.

At the beginning of our universe, Lord Brahma performs samyama on the 432,000 mantras of the Rig Veda and the result is the first day of the first Satyug. This universe is modeled after the Absolute Universe, Goloka. So when generating Krishna C60 Shurudha, we impart all the fundamental intelligence of the perfect Satyug universe into the water. When you drink this water, every cell in the body receives this intelligence and begin their transformation back to the perfect cells of Satyug.

This system will create 1 liter of Krishna C60 Shurudha every 48 hours. For internal use one would drink 1 ounce per 33 pounds of body weight, and then use the excess on the skin and hair. This is enough Krishna C60 Shurudha for the continuous use of 4 or 5 people.

A shungite water purifier cleans water by removing:

  • Phenol
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Chlorine
  • Nitrates
  • Nitrites
  • Bacteria
  • Microorganisms

When infused with shungite, water becomes acidic, so it requires alkalization before it can be consumed in large quantities. The ideal pH standard for drinking water is 7.2 to 7.3, whereas shungite water pH ranges from 3 to 5.5. Consuming large amounts of untreated shungite water can cause health problems like gastritis.

The Russians typically use dolomite and quartz sand to reduce the acidity of shungite water. The acidity dissolves the dolomite which, in turn, alkalizes the water and enriches it with calcium, magnesium, and other minerals.

The quartz sand then traps heavy metals and radionuclides, helping to restore the structure of the water molecules.

"This science is complete in itself.
Happiness to the whole world it can bring,
All the four benefits it bestows on you,
Rightful living, money, fulfillment of desires and bliss,
Are all available in this world itself"
-Vishwakarma in Vastu Shastra

Vastu is a logical explanation of scientific truths and facts about energy patterns in buildings. The Vastu principles are related with the properties (Natural Energies) of our Earth plane. Vastu says that the sources of energies are to be open and the flow of energies is not to be disturbed. Vastu Shastra prescribes desirable characteristics for sites and buildings based on flow of energy ("Prana" in Sanskrit). Many of the rules are attributed to cosmological considerations; the Sun's path, the rotation of the Moon above the Earth plane, magnetic fields, etc. The morning Sun is considered especially beneficial and purifying and hence the East is a treasured direction.

Vastu believes that there are essentially two types of forces, which are equal and opposite in nature. The interaction of these two forces is cosmically ordained and produces a third type of force, which is prana, needed for life to exist. One type of force is subtle and fine. The other is dark and dense. We, for understanding this subject, can call the first one as "positive" and the other as "negative". Prana is liberated by the interaction of these forces. Over the surface of the globe, these forces continuously interact, releasing prana. When a structure is built over the surface of the Earth, it comes in the way of a natural interaction. Both the forces enter the structure where the interaction continues. However, the intensity of forces that enter the structure need not be the same. Depending on various factors like levels, water bodies, door placement, etc., either the positive or the negative can have stronger presence.

If the structure is designed in a manner that the positive forces override the negative forces then there is a beneficial release of prana, which helps all the residents to be healthy. Even after such reaction with the negative forces, a positive Cosmic surplus is always present in such a structure, which is the "Supreme Being Himself". In such an atmosphere, life is smooth and happy with everything in life coming your way without any great struggle. It is a happy and healthy life for all the residents.

If on the other hand the structure is built in such a way that the negative forces override the positive then you have a weak prana field which manifests as diseases in the occupants. The over bearing negative field makes your actions, efforts, and thinking negative so that ultimately the whole life is ruined.

VyasaThe science of Vastu was codified at the start of Trita-yuga when the structures that all had perfect vastu from their creation in Sat-yuga began to fall and new, less perfect structures were built. The people needed guidelines to follow to allow them to build more perfect vastu structures. At first this knowledge was given to the people directly by Vishwakarma, the Divine Architect. The people of Trita-yuga still had the ability to communicate with the Celestial realms, as did the people of Dwapara-yuga. But as Kali-yuga dawned, the people are quite handicapped and almost no one can use their subtle bodies for Celestial Communication and the IQ of the typical resident of Kali-yuga has declined from 10,000 (in Sat-yuga) to about 100 and they cannot even remember well when given information. So Veda Vyasa (an Incarnation of Vishnu) had to write down the four Vedas, which includes the Vastu Shastra (part of the Atharva Veda known as Stapatya Veda), for the people of Kaliyug to study and try to follow.

By strictly following these vastu rules, the Human Race can gain many benefits and live peacefully. In other words, vastu rules instruct the ways to create buildings for "Living in Harmony with the Earth".

Creating perfect vastu in Kali-yuga is not an easy task! There are hundreds of rules that must be followed, from the initial purchase of the land, to the first day of entry into the dwelling, in order for vastu to be established as perfectly as possible. Rectifying imperfect vastu of a building that was not constructed properly according to vastu is difficult and some say impossible.

Goloka Projector with Krishna C60 EMR PyramidsFortunately, we have the Goloka Projector that creates the perfect Satyug environment, including perfect vastu. With the Goloka Projector, perfect vastu is created from the inside of your home, out to a radius of about 150 feet. This means the prana field in your locale is in perfect balance and harmony, regardless of the physical vastu of the home. Traditional vastu aspires to create the balance and harmony by arranging the physical structure and its elements, but the Goloka Projector operates from the level of the prana field to structure a replica projection of Goloka and the result is perfect vastu.

What does it feel like to live in perfect vastu? Bliss is in the air and all around there is harmony and happiness, peace and calm. Prana energy is so lively it is palpable and life supporting to everyone in the locale. That is exactly what it feels like to live in a home with a Goloka Projector.

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