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Returning to Goloka - Preface


Returning to Goloka

Preface Third Edition

We are now in the Third Edition of this book and this is because of the nature of this illusory Universe. Our Universe is literally a dream in the mind of the Creator, so we should not be surprised that this dream is not that stable, like any dream, it is constantly changing. The dream changes from the perspective of the Creator and it changes from the perspective of each dream creature – you and I. We are dream creatures in this wonderful dream of the Universe. We all see a different Universe around us. My view of the Universe is not the same as yours. This book is all about my view of the Universe, and my view has changed in this past year, so must this book change.

In this Third Edition, we present a significant shift in thinking. Previously we were resigned to the inevitability of the Pralaya, then one fine day I realized there is a way to change the dream of our Universe. If you are having a Lucid Dream, that is a dream in which you realize you are dreaming and then you also know you can take actions in your dream and change its course. As I studied the Vedic Literature, in particular the Yoga Vasishta of Valmiki[1], the realization came that we actually have the technology now to change this dream of our Universe and create a better experience for everyone on Earth.

The global elite are still hard at work to weaken the populaton in anticipation of a major collective karma balancing series of disasters. But thanks to the Ekam Vitara Network, we have a chance at foiling their plans. Many are distracted by the political climate in the USA with President Trump, apparently a people's president dedicated to making America strong again.  However we have signals that he is probably in cahoots with the global elite after all, a major signal is his recent creation of the Space Force to protect us from alien invasions. This is an obvious global elite plan to keep the population in fear of weird little men from outer space. Believe me, there will be no alien invasion.

Preface Second Edition

About one year ago we wrote the preface to the First Edition of Returning to Goloka. So much has transpired in this year that already we must introduce a Second Edition to include all of the new information. During 2016 the global elite appear to have suffered a major setback with the BREXIT (Great Britian's vote to leave the European Union) and the United States election of Donald Trump to its Presidency. A populist uprising against the tryanny of the global elite is growing and their plans are failing. This is welcome news for us because it creates a more favorable climate for building Goloka Sanctuary Communities. We will take this opportunity to disclose the most incredible 500 year lie ever foisted upon a people. Now enough people are awake to the incredible matrix of lies being propagated by the Agents of the Pralaya to weaken the population to accept this most amazing of lies promoted primarily now by NASA and its affiliated "space agencies" and supported throughout government, religious and educational systems world wide.

In the First Edition we analyzed the plans of the global elite as revealed by their propaganda organization, The Economist magazine. Looking back we see that most of their plans failed. They hoped to install Hillary Clinton as the US President, and that failed. Bill Clinton was to be promoted to head the UN and that failed. 2017 has a different flavor as they now must consider the influence of Donald Trump on world affairs, so they have devoted their entire outlook to this influence.

Preface First Edition

I wrote this book to try to convey my sense of awe and excitement about the times we live in today. This classic phrase, which opens A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, seems to exactly convey the situation before us in our present day:

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way - in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.”

Perhaps it is not a coincidence that 1859 and 2017 have so much in common. For one thing, if you do a bit of digging into the past of Charles Dickens you will find he was like the Walt Disney of the present time. Dickens was deep into the occult and comes directly from a British Illuminati bloodline. There is considerable information about this secretive 250-year-old society and how they are quite active today. Dickens had a love of, and even what we would say is a devotion to, magic. Well, this book is about magic and how magic is the common thread that inextricably links the best of times and the worst of times, and always will. We live in a matrix of illusion that is pervasive in our lives, to the point that we mistake it for reality. I believe there is a way to see beyond the illusion and watch the puppet masters at work behind the screen. Once you see how the magic is performed, the magician never fools you again.

Our society today has been engineered by a tiny group of people who seem to like to be referred to as the "global elite." They apparently see themselves as world saviors and act against Humanity at every turn. To them, the Earth would be much better off without Humanity and they work tirelessly to accomplish this stated objective. To them, Humanity is a plague on the planet that must be eradicated; even at the cost of the global elite's own existence!

I am not saying anything new to the segment of the population that considers themselves as "awake" to the machinations of the global elite. They rant and rave about how the global elite is taking over the planet, destroying the people in a soft-kill operation consisting of GMO foods and chemical poisons in the food and water.

  • How the global elite wants to disarm the people so there is no effective resistance to the "legitimate power monopoly of the state."
  • How they are killing us with vaccines, taking over governments and lying to us through their mainstream media.
  • How the only way to get "real, truthful news" is at various websites like Alex Jones, or late night radio shows hosted by the likes of George Noorey.But a word of caution, even these seem to be under delusion, but are innocently trying to present the truth, so we must be very careful and do our own research.
  • How we are struggling to "wake up" the zombie population and take back our freedoms. Trump is certainly working more with us than any other President in the last 50 years.
  • How we are skeptical of even the alternative media and afraid of disinformation and government planted lies.
  • How even some famous news anchors are really CIA agents.

The list of hopefully trusted and probably untrustworthy sources of information is now very long, and frankly, we do not know whom to trust. Thanks to the repeal of the Smith Mund Act in 2013, Americans all the more cannot trust anything the Federal Government says. Unfortunately, the vast majority of this "awake" group seems to still be under the thrall of the psy-ops matrix they believe they are awake to! If you have ever practiced lucid dreaming (knowing you are dreaming while you are in a dream) you have probably had the experience of "waking up" after a lucid dream and then after a while realizing you are actually still dreaming and not awake at all! Because we are all embedded in a psy-op false reality AND even if we get out of this psy-op false reality that almost everyone is blind to, we discover the so-called real "reality" is yet another illusion, yet another magic show, and there we are, embedded in that and looking for yet another way out.

There is a way out of all the layers of false, illusory, "reality" into a place that is truly real. So this book is my attempt to tell this story that could help you to experience the real side of existence, or if you are already there, to validate what you are experiencing from another point of view.

Understanding the psy-op from the perspective of the current political climate is interesting to me. I do not like politics; I have been lied to so many times by those in power that I am very skeptical of everything in the political arena. The global elite are the puppet masters of the world political stage and they like to brag about what they intend to accomplish, in advance. The Economist magazine is one of their publishing venues. They have an annual issue in January where they reveal their plans for the year. 2016 appears to be a interesting year for sure. They are at least 90% successful in accomplishing their objectives each year, so let's see what is planned for 2016, according to The Economist.

The editor of The Economist attends Bilderberg meetings each year and the magazine is owned by global elite members such as the Rothschild family. So they are not so much "predicting" the future as just revealing their plans for the year. They are not 100% accurate, fortunately! For example on the 2015 cover, this image appears:

2015 Economist - Mushroom cloud

So did we have a nuclear bomb explode in 2015? No, it was January 6, 2016 when North Korea tested their first H-Bomb. Maybe The Economist was off by a few days.

The next 2015 "prediction" is strangely accurate to the day:

2015 Economist - Arrows in the dirt

Reported by

"Lots of analysis has been done studying the symbols and the positioning of objects in this image to find hidden messages about future events. What caught my attention (thanks to Darin Hibbert) was the numbers shown in the lower right corner, 11.5 and 11.3, in that order. I am assuming these are dates appearing on the tails of two arrows stuck into the ground at an angle, which could represent a downward movement in global markets on those dates.

These dates are exactly the same as the ones announced by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew in an interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box on Monday October 19. During the interview, Secretary Lew warned about a terrible accident that could occur if the Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling by November 3.

Then he explained, “I just wrote a letter last week to Congress telling them that the date is November 3, but a few weeks ago we thought the date was November 5.” (Source: CNBC)"

Also, the images is that of Lewis Carroll’s Alice (well-known for its mind-control symbolism), and there are two arrows with numerals printed on them: 11.5 and 11.3, next to her. Unscrambling these numbers gives a sequence 2015 Economist - Cheshire Catof three odd numbers: 11-13-15. The six digits shown on the arrows, rearranged, happen to be the digits of the date of the recent “terrorist attacks” in France. Coincidence?

Alice is looking upwards towards the Cheshire Cat, which is known for disappearing almost entirely, leaving only its grin. An allusion to the world of fantasy that the global elite are creating for us. There is also the inclusion of the magician David Blaine to further hammer home the point.

The cover of the magazine shows the events that will be most forward during the year and inside the issue is the full cover that shows the right side as well, which are the events that will be more in the background during the year. These pictures are incredibly detailed so our analysis will necessarily have to be limited to only a partial interpretation. Here is the full cover from the inside of the magazine:

2016 Annual Cover of The Economist

It is important to note that these are not the global elite, no these are the puppets in this magic show. The global elite sit atop a black cloud that hovers over this image and cannot be seen by us common people. The puppet strings drop down into the picture to control the so-called world leaders.

Obama is in black and white (this indicates a lesser role compared to the color images) and is almost off the image on the left, front row. This indicates his role is become less important; he is not talking, meaning he is more passive. But he is wearing a green tie and below Merkle is the US flag with wierd colors, mostly green. You probably guessed it, green is the signature color of Islam. Look for more radical jihadists in the US in 2016 - many more.

The Chinese president is next and in color, indicating China will have a more major role in world events, slightly more than Putin, also in color.

Next is Hilary Clinton, their choice for President of the United States, but she is not in color. At this time there is considerable interest in Donald Trump for the Republican nomination but his image is missing from the picture, so he is probably not on their short list for President. The Trump victory was a big surprise for the global elite, but you can be sure they will use this to their advantage as a wedge to further divide and weaken the country.

Merkle (Germany) is front center B/W so she has a good role this year, as does Janet Yellin, Fed Chairman. We see former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan above four issues of The Economist for years 1982, 1993, 2000, and 2006 which all are harbingers for financial downturns in the subsequent year. This may be telling us that 2016 will be the setup for a big financial collapse, centered in the "big apple" in 2018 (see the slot machine).

Below that is a baby crawling after the world, telling us the World Government in its infancy is going to begin playing with the world in 2016. Above and to the right of this image is former President Bill Clinton, front and center on the right side, in color. So now we know who they would like the new Secretary General of the United Nations to be. However the 2016 Presidental Election brought out considerable negative information about the "Clinton crime syndicate" so these plans seem to on hold now.

The sun would play a major role in 2016 as we see it in two places, in the sky and on the calendar left of Alan Greenspan. Sometime in the March/April timeframe they predict we could see some major climate change.

In this Second Edition, we include a deeper understanding of Vedic Cosmology for a better view into the actual structure of the Universe. This is important to understand the great 500 year “global deception” that we discuss as well in great detail. A more detailed understanding of the mechanism of the coming Extinction Level Event is also provided. There is a reorganization of the Chapters to separate the Community facility design from the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme. Also, we add information about recent additions to the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme, to promote full development of human life, age reversal, very significant life extension, and increased human intelligence.

This book was written for the ones who are awake to the obvious psy-op but may not yet be aware of the reality behind this psy-op and behind the illusion behind this psy-op! There is a final way out of all the layers of false, illusory, “reality” into a place that is truly real. So this book is my attempt to tell this story that could help you to experience the real side of existence, or if you are already there, to validate what you are experiencing from another point of view.

The entire Third Edition is now available. If you want to read the Third Edition in its entirety, you have two options:

  1. The inexpensive 6x9 paperback version is available now to order from the Book Store. Please click on this link.
  2. You can visit the website and read the HTML version or there is an animated version of the book

[1] Yoga Vasishta Maharamayana of Valmiki, The complete 1891 English Translation from Sanskrit by Vihari Lala Mitra, revised by Thomas L. Palotas, published by the Shivabalayogi Seva Foundation, Tucson, AZ 85724, USA, ISBN 978-0-9760783-2-6

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darshana chandi, india , February 2, 2016 at 11:11 PM | Reply
Take chances....
Tell the truth...
Learn to say NO...
Spend money on the things u love....
Laugh till ur stomach pains....Dance Even if u r too bad at it...Pose stupidly for photos....
Be child-like.....
Moral: Death is not the greatest loss in life..Loss is when life dies inside u while u r alive.. Jai Shri Krishna..
Prahlada, Cincinnati, Ohio , January 17, 2016 at 9:50 AM | Reply
Here we are expecting 2016 to be a major year of global change. Yet, the vast majority of the populous or the so-called "normal" persons would argue that all of this is hogwash and will not happen. And in fact, in the past and particularly recent past many have expected the major changes to take place time and time again, but most often what has happened is that we have been left disappointed, for the "normal" paradigm won - it was relatively true, for not much happened. Like in 2000 and 2012 when many predicated immense global transformation but externally there were no visible changes. For this reason it is important for us to not get our hopes up to a point where we will feel disappointed if this coming year is far less eventful than expected. But having this in mind, otherwise, we should hold our hopes high! For it is this very faith, this trust and hope and belief, that is the very fuel of inspiration that will help carry us into the new Age. So we can wear our hearts on our sleeve but be careful not to "overdo" it, and we can take good measure to prepare to be let down. Like a scientist testing if something will work and discovering that time after time it fails to consistently work, we are best to expect defeat based on our past history. But otherwise we will "keep our lamps trimmed and burning," and our hearts softly but firmly lit with the flame of faith and righteous anticipation. This is a mark of patience and fortitude that will ultimately result in the exhaustion of the opposing forces. Though we will "expect defeat," truly we know that victory has already been won. It is only a matter of time.
This age of kaliyuga is real, the pralaya real, and moreover it's all as good as done. When Maharishi came out with His World Plan in 1972, He said that He felt as if the whole thing has already been accomplished. When He came out with it, He wasn't simply saying this out of vain inspiration. He was saying this on account of the Plan having been successfully surmised and initiated, and thus from the Divine perspective it was already as good as done. It's a very real thing. Like Lord Vishnu's sudarshana chakra (ultimate celestial weapon), once it is released it cannot be retracted, it cannot be stopped, and it will hit its target. So perhaps 2016 will come and go, perhaps many more years will pass by the same way, but what is certain is that the new Age will come, and it will be in this lifetime. The signs are definitely becoming more and more apparent. I have seen and moreover felt that the dark psy-ops forces in our society are very much prevalent and real (real only in a relative sense, because actually their very nature is illusory). Skeptics may think I am just blindly following a bookish dream, or that I am merely some sort of religious fanatic, or even worse a "conspiracy theorist," but I tell you with all genuineness I have had some very dramatic experiences in the past year that have confirmed all that I have learned thus far from MVU. Of course they are spiritual or subtle experiences that are mostly difficult to convey with mundane language, and frankly it is the very psy-ops agenda itself instilled in the consciousness of "normal" people that allows any attempts at a proper explanation to be ridiculed and rendered "delusional," but each time the signs appear to me I become more and more certain that the so-called "normal" reality is in actuality the delusional one. My conviction of this fact is firm. Simply said, this Sri Vyuha Vedic Science is real, and ironically the very fact that all of this may appear totally insane to a "normal" person is a testament to the fact that it is true - because remember, the psy-ops illusory matrix is essentially the exact opposite of what is a truly normal, real, natural existence. Almost as if everything's backwards! Somewhat of a scary prospect for the ego - but hold on tight, take refuge in this illuminating knowledge provided in the book, and in time you will discover the greatest goodness imaginable, and attain the fearless state of bliss. Remember, at times like these truth is often stranger than fiction. Or moreover, the so-called "fiction" is actually the truth!
I would like to point out something that Sri Visvamitra did not point out. He may or may not have left this out intentionally. In the Preface he speaks of Charles Dickens and the year 1859, and how that year is very similar to this year of 2016. Let me tell you, what we are expecting as a major if not the major event of the pralaya is a massive solar flare or basically the Samvartaka Fire. One much like the 1859 Carrington Event. This is very significant and very telling, and although we are wise to be measured in our expectations due to the several past false-alarms, this is a definitely possible sign that this could actually be it. If you care to do some research, you will find that a solar flare is plausible at this time. If it comes, the difference between this time and the time in 1859 is that this time is after the industrial revolution, and now our world is entirely dependent upon technology and electricity. Another Carrington Event like the one in 1859 would verily cause societal Apocalypse. A yajna for the liberation of all human beings and a painless pralaya would be in order. The gods would rain their showers of compassion for those destined to suffer. Therefore, let us hope but not hope that this year will indeed be one of positive, evolutionary change for planet Earth.
Sri Visvamitra, Cedar Crest, NM, United States , January 17, 2016 at 9:51 AM | Reply
Dear Prahlada,
I did miss the 1859 Carrington Event and I am happy to see you included it for us. This is another foreshadowing.
Jai Guru Dev,
Chris Armstrong, Vero Beach, FL , January 17, 2016 at 9:48 AM | Reply
Thanks, your book looks compelling.

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Preface Third Edition

We are now in the Third Edition of this book and this is because of the nature of this illusory Universe. Our Universe is literally a dream in the mind of the Creator, so we should not be surprised that this dream is not that stable, like any dream, it is constantly changing. The dream changes from the perspective of the Creator and it c ... continue >>

Chapter 1.
The Cycles of Time

There are various accounts of the age and origin of our universe from ancient scriptures and scientific theories. I have studied many of them, including Creationism from the Christian Tradition, Creationism from the Vedic Tradition, Catastrophism, and Darwinism, and also researched this topic in consciousness using the tec ... continue >>

Chapter 2.
Our Universe is a Hologram

We need a better understanding of the nature of this “relative” universe that we live in, so we can come out of the matrix of illusion and see the world for what it is. To us, the universe and our lives may seem real, solid and definitely not an illusion. This is because we are embedded in the illusion. The magic show is all ... continue >>

Chapter 3.

Religions often refer to God's Judgment and how He metes out punishment for sins and transgressions against Him. This is a somewhat irrational way to explain karma. For one thing, God never punishes - He loves and accepts everyone. Contrary to most religions, God is not jealous, or wrathful, and is not seeking vengeance. These c ... continue >>

Chapter 4.
The Great Global Deception

Humanity has been under what has been called “the great global deception” for the last 500 years. We have been told that the earth is a spinning globe in a vast, limitless space and human life is an extremely insignificant part of this universe. However, we know from our daily experience, simple experime ... continue >>

Chapter 5.
Balancing of Karma

Taking a Vedic perspective and if the Ekam Vitara Network is not successful, we believe the pralaya will come and will be an ELE caused by the karma balancing effects from Surya, Rahu and Ketu. Together these Grahalokas administer the karma of accidents, sudden ... continue >>

Chapter 6.
Exit the Illusion Matrix

PsyopsBy now, in the depths of Kali yuga, almost everyone is trapped in this illusion matrix consisting of the scientifically engineered ... continue >>

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Surviving and Thriving

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Chapter 8.
Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme

First, some background on this revolutionary program to transform an aging, limited Kali yuga physiology into a vibrantly healthy, youthful Satya yuga physiology. Granted, this may seem fantastic to some, but almost everything in this book is fantastic: from the realization that the world is not at al ... continue >>



There is one objective for human life - Moksha. That is the only worthwhile endeavor because Moksha brings freedom, freedom from struggle, freedom fro ... continue >>

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Visvamitra is the name given to me by Guru Dev when he accepted responsibility for my evolution and existence in September 1994. It is common for the Guru to give the new disciple a name as an ideal to become. Since Guru Dev desires that I become Visvamitra, which means "friend to everyone", I whol ... continue >>

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