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Brahman Consciousness Vision Quest


Everyone wants the Freedom, Fulfillment and Bliss of a life that is lived only in the Present Moment. Your question may be "Why is this NOT my life experience?" Knowing the answer to this question is your first step of empowerment for significant life change. The second step, actually transforming your experience into the Bliss of the Present Moment is the purpose of the Brahman Consciousness Vision Quest.

First, why?

Karmic Traces

Yoga VasisthaThe short answer is karmic traces. Now, let's expand on this with the help of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, a Buddhist monk. A karmic trace is an impression in the citta (mind) from actions performed by you that were not in accord with all the Laws of Nature. The Laws of Nature are the rules that goven life in this Universe. From the Yoga Vasishta, we read how this Universe is a dream in the Mind of the Creator, and this dream operates according to these Laws of Nature, which are frequency patterns in Divine Consciousness.

You and I perceive the Universe and live our lives through our minds. Lisa Feldman Barrett agrees and wrote in her book How Emotions are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain " construct the environment in which you live. You might think about your environment as existing in the outside world, separate from yourself, but that’s a myth. You (and other creatures) do not simply find yourself in an environment and either adapt or die. You construct your environment-your reality-by virtue of what sensory input from the physical environment your brain selects; it admits some as information and ignores some as noise."

Why does one person perceive the world as a happy, safe and wonderful adventure and another person see the world as fearful, unsafe, full of anger and conflict? David R Hawkins, MD, PhD, devoted his life to discover the answer to this question and formulated his Map of Consciousness to explain what he discovered. 

We have expanded on his work in our Twenty Levels of Consciousness.

20 Levels of Human ConsciousnessNow we have a framework to understand what makes each individual see the world differently. Furthermore, almost everyone is living in the past or anticipating the future and missing the Bliss of the Present Moment. So what do we need to do to live in the Present Moment and see the world as it really is? A glimpse of Brahman Consciousness is good starting point. Brahman Consciousness is the Ultimate state of consciousness in this Universe. On the Twenty Levels of Consciousness, it at Level 900.

What is the experience of Brahman Consciousness?

At one point in his life, David Hawkins experienced the state of Brahman Consciousness for a brief time after an 11-day Vision Quest. A Vision Quest is originally the name of a rite of passage from the American Indian Tradition. The basic concept of a Vision Quest is to find one's self – to come to know and realize the Truth of one’s existence. To accomplish a Vision Quest one sets aside a block of time and focuses the attention inward. To observe some type of fast is important because fasting breaks the routine of outward focused daily life. David shares his experience in this video. It is an interesting story!

David R Hawkins Awakening

Here is another perspective of the experience of Brahman Consciousness.

Brahman Consciousness

Brahman Consciousness represents the highest ideal for a human life achievement. Brahman Consciousness is that state of consciousness which resonates in complete harmony with the vast consciousness of the Creator, Lord Brahma. One who lives in Brahman Consciousness is literally the Divine incarnate, always acting in perfect accord with all the Laws of Nature and radiating a life supporting and uplifting influence to everyone he or she contacts.

Lord Brahma

In Brahman Consciousness the individual mind is completely absorbed into the Mind of Lord Brahma, like a tiny bubble floating within a vast calm lake. Inside the bubble resides the completely crystal-clear ego of the person in Brahman Consciousness. He or she can appreciate without restriction the entire range of intelligence and knowledge that is contained in the Mind of Lord Brahma. Anything may be known will be known at the exact appropriate time.

The mind is completely silent - witnessing the glory of Lord Brahma as a child watching a delightful fairy tale unfold. I expect nothing, want nothing, think about nothing and remember nothing. I live in the moment exclusively. I witness the world around me in childlike innocence because everything is a completely new and fresh experience for me, every minute of every day - 24 hours a day.

I am completely above fear and doubt - unshakable in the knowledge that nothing in the universe is foreign to me or can possibly harm me. I have nothing to do at all and spends my time reacting to others and the environment. Whatever I may do in response to the environment is loving and supporting to everyone I touch; however, I do not plan it this way - it is just the spontaneous result of my action.

Occasionally, a thought may arise in my mind, but it is not my thought and I clearly knows this. I have completely stopped thinking altogether, so when a thought does arise I immediately welcome it as Lord Brahma's thought and I appreciates it completely, understand it totally, immediately and without distortion. Often, I just takes action without thought or at least without appreciating that I have a thought, moving and acting as if Lord Brahma Himself was moving my body or speaking through my mouth. I feel like a sort of robot or mechanical person that someone else is moving, like a puppet. I am a dream creature in the Universe that I created.

Whatever this body does, I watch and am surprised and delighted by the play. I view this body as a dream creature - it is not even my body. If the dream creature wants to feed and clothe this body, I watch and enjoy the play. If this dream creature wants to rest the body, I watch and enjoy the resting of the body.

I feel like a passenger, not the driver and certainly not the owner of the body. I have forgotten what it was like to be a "normal human being" full of anxiety, doubts, fears, ambitions, goals, desires, pains, weaknesses, struggle, unhappiness, happiness, frustrations, anger, disappointments, etc. Life is very simple now - it is easy to feel the bliss that is life and that bliss is sufficient for me, I want nothing else, I cannot even make myself desire anything. After all, I am floating in bliss 24 hours a day and know it will never end.

Aham Brahmasmi
(I am the Creator of this Universe)

Brahman Consciousness Vision Quest

Brahman Consciousness Vision Quest

To help individuals achieve the Brahman Consciousness experience, we offer an 11-day program in mountains of New Mexico. During this program you will balance many karmic traces and this should allow you to experience Brahman Consciousness - perhaps for a few hours or maybe even for life. The duration of your experience depends on your existing "load" of karmic traces. This 11-day program will open a portal for you to experience Brahman Consciousness, but the pressure of your remaining karmic traces could close this portal. However, life will never be the same after you have this experience. At least your Level of Consciousness will increase and that will become a permanent foundation of experience with the help of the Ekam Vitara Network.

This is an intense program with a singular focus. Here is the itinerary for this program:

Day 1 of 13 days is for travel to the Ashram. Plan to arrive in the late afternoon of this day.

There are 264 hours total in the next 11 days:

  • 88 hours spent in sleep and Lucid Dreaming (enhanced by the Neurogenesis Vitara – Lucid Dreaming Modules)
  • 88 hours spent in study of the Yoga Vasistha (enhanced by the Neurogenesis Vitara Moksha Modules)
  • 44 hours spent in deep meditation (enhanced by the Nirvana Vitara with the Perfect Vision Vitara)
  • 11 hours spent in abhyanga and kundalini chakra meditation (enhanced with Krishna C60 Amrita)
  • 11 hours spent in juice fasting (only organic fruit and vegetable juice plus Vedic Vortex Water with Atmavedi Crystals is the diet for the entire 11 days. One takes 6 10-minute breaks every day to drink 16 ounces of juice)
  • 11 hours spent in physical body movement (yoga asanas, surya namaskaras and 5 Tibetan Rites)

Each day starts at 5am and ends at 9pm. Sleep is from 9pm to 5am. No telephone, smartphone or computer use throughout the 11 days and nights. Silence is observed throughout the 11 days and nights. All juice is prepared for you and delivered to you by Ashram staff. Laundry is provided as well – fresh towels and clothes are delivered each morning at 5:10am. Also, at 5:10am you will receive 2 liters of Vedic Vortex Water and 6 16-ounce bottles of organic fruit and veggie juice.

You live in a private cottage with its own bathroom (enhanced by Goloka Projector)

On day 13 you will break your fast and enjoy a day of celebration in your experience of Brahman Consciousness. Plan to depart in the late afternoon of this day.

If you have diabetes or other health conditions that preclude Juice Fasting, or prefer to not engage in a Juice Fast for any reason, we are happy to modify the program to provide a stable, diabetic friendly vegan or vegetarian diet instead of the Juice Fast.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to experience the effects of several of our Vitaras - all are provided for you during your stay:

  • Goloka Projector
  • Brahman Consciousness Higher Consciousness Vitara
  • Ekam Higher Consciousness Vitara
  • Neurogenesis Vitara
  • Nirvana Vitara
  • Perfect Vision Vitara
  • Vedic Vortex Vitara

Ekam Vitara with Flowers

You will also see the Ekam Vitara Array, which you should be a part of for two reasons:

  1. The Ekam Vitara Network provides you with a foundation of stable consciousness along with the influence of growth to Brahman Consciousness. After your course you can check to see if your Level of Consciousness Frequency should be increased.
  2. As an Ekam Vitara Network Member, you are entitled to a 50% discount on all Events, and 35% discount on all Vitaras and other products. This feature of the Membership will save you thousands of dollars

Ekam Vitara

If you have not yet joined the Ekam Vitara Network, please visit and register now while the discounted Introductory Pricing is still in effect. After you have joined the Network, you will have access to the Dashboard where you will find the Brahman Consciousness Vision Quest events listed at half-price.

Sri Vyuha Ashram

The Sri Vyuha Ashram at MahaVideha University is sponsoring the Brahman Consciousness Vision Quest as individual programs which you may start at any day at your convenience. We only require a minimum of 2 weeks notice. For the purpose of organization we have listed a number of possible Brahman Consciousness Vision Quests, starting on the first Sunday of each month. If you want to come during a month and that first Sunday is not convenient to start, then sign up for the program in the month you wish to attend and state the desired starting date in the Comments on the last page of the Shopping Cart Checkout.

Please visit this page to make your reservation if you are not an Ekam Vitara Network Member

Register Now Button

[1] A catch-22 is a paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules. The term was coined by Joseph Heller, who used it in his 1961 novel Catch-22.



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