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Satyug Physiology Course

  • Vis'vamitra

  • Code/Units MVU301a / 4.00 Units

    Pranic Energy Lifestyle

    WIth this course, you will transition to become free of your dependence on food and enjoy life in a Satyug Physiology where almost all of the body's energy requirements are derived directly from the Prana Field. The human body was created in Satyug to exist and thrive on just the energy of the Prana Field. To make this transition from food dependence living to food independence living is a natural transformation that will be initiated by the Satyug Physiology Course.

    Living in a Satyug Physiology that is always youthful, vital, strong, healthy and beautiful is the natural state of human existence. We all began life in this Universe with a Limitless Satyug Physiology, but over the long 1.5 trillion years of our repeated incarnations, the body that we inherited became more and more limited. Now is the time to return to Goloka, achieve Krishna Consciousness (Level 5 Moksha) and enjoy a celebration of the long journey in human existence in a perfect Satyug Physiology.

    In this online course, you will be guided through the physical and prana transformations necessary to trigger your Kundalini to make the change to a Satyug Physiology.

    01 - Preparing the Body to Transition

    The change to a Satyug Physiology that uses prana energy for its primary energy source, instead of being dependent on physical food, is a spontaneous transformation that can only occur when Kundalini is triggered to make this change.


    Kundalini is the energy of transformation that guides all life forms through their various forms and states. A human physiology that has a 100,000 year biological clock is a potential that we all have within us. Our task is to follow a simple, proven protocol that will unlock this biological state.

    Prana Breathing

    This protocol balances the complex web of  individual karmic traces that everyone in Kali Yuga has which block the manifestation of a Satyug Physiology.

    02 - Dietary Considerations for a Pranic Energy Lifestyle

    The human physiology has a different dependence on physical food in the various yugas.

    4 Yugas

    In Sat Yuga there is no intake of physical food for the adult. Once the body has reached maturity at the age of 24, the physical body is fully developed and transitions from a creation phase, where physical food is required, to a maintenance phase where all energy that is required by the body comes from the Prana field. However, some individuals may retain an attachment to physical food due to the exercise of their free-will. This is not in accord with the Will of the Creator so karma is generated.

    03 - Deva of the Body

    Deva of the Body

    The deva of the body is the collective consciousness of all the devas in all of the cells of the body. Each of your 50+ trillion cells has a deva that makes the cell alive and intelligent. This collective deva of the body is completely knowledgeable about the health and needs of the body. This deva also is able to communicate with other devas. Once you have established communication with the deva of your body, a whole new world of help and information will open to you that will allow you to achieve and maintain perfect health.

    Devas and Nature SpiritsThe deva of the body exists as a separate conscious, intelligent being in the realm of the pranamaya kosha or Astral Plane. Specifically this deva exists in the Etheric Plane, which is a sub-realm of the Astral Plane. The Etheric Plane is the interface between the physical and the prana field. The Astral Plane exists within the prana field. In the Etheric Plane we find many of the devas or nature spirits that interact with the physical, allowing plants and animals to be alive.

    The deva of the body communicates to our conscious mind in the manner of intuitions. Intuitions are simple packets of "knowing" that are pre-thought. We look at a sandwich for example and have a bad feeling about it; "this is not good for me." That is the deva of your body trying to help you. When you are thinking about what to have for dinner, the deva of the body is injecting some ideas. Of course there may be the noise caused by karma in there too. Pepperoni pizza and beer or a fresh salad? Which one do you think is coming from your deva and which from your karma?

    04 - Pranic Energy Lifestyle Transition Virtual Vitara

    To understand this process of transitioning to a Pranic Energy Lifestyle, we need to understand that everyone has two energy engines: 1) pranic energy

    Pranic Energy

    and 2) physical food energy.

    Food Energy

    Before the transition to a Sat Yuga Physiology, the body derives 90% of its energy from the food engine and after the transition the pranic engine provides 90% or more of the body's requirement for maintenance energy. When the Sat Yuga Physiology process is triggered, Kundalini takes over to transform the physiology to increase the pranic energy engine and decrease the physical food energy engine, and almost all dependence on physical food suddenly ends.

    Once the pranic energy transition occurs, the individual spontaneously adopts a lifestyle where all maintenance energy required by the body comes from the Prana field. When this transition takes place, the individual may occasionally eat physical food, one or two bites only, in a social setting with individuals who still have a dependence on food. In the early days of this transition there may be occasions where the body needs a certain food and the individual will take some food. The caloric intake will be reduced by 90% and most days there will be no food and occasionally, once or twice a week, one may eat a light meal.

    Prerequisites -- None --
    Tuition $ 640.00

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    I wrote this book to try to convey my sense of awe and excitement about the times we live in today. This classic phrase, which opens A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, seems to exactly relay the situation before us in our present day:

    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisd ... continue >>

    Chapter 1.
    The Cycles of Time

    There are various accounts of the age and origin of our universe from ancient scriptures and scientific theories. I have studied many of them, including Creationism from the Christian Tradition, Creationism from the Vedic Tradition, Catastrophism, and Darwinism, and also researched this topic i ... continue >>

    Chapter 2.
    Our Universe is a Hologram

    We need a better understanding of the nature of this “relative” universe that we live in, so we can come out of the matrix of illusion and see the world for what it is. To us, the universe and our lives may seem real, solid and definitely not an illusion. This is because we are embedded in the ill ... continue >>

    Chapter 3.

    Religions often refer to God's Judgment and how He metes out punishment for sins and transgressions against Him. This is a somewhat irrational way to explain karma. For one thing, God never punishes - He loves and accepts everyone. Contrary to most religions, God is not jealous, or wrathful, and is n ... continue >>

    Chapter 4.
    The Great Global Deception

    Humanity has been under what has been called “the great global deception” for the last 500 years. We have been told that the earth is a spinning globe in a vast, limitless space and human life is an extremely insignificant part of this universe. However, we know from our dail ... continue >>

    Chapter 5.
    Balancing of Karma

    The pralaya is now here, starting with the amazing world-wide quarantine for COVID-19, which has proven be engineered mass hysteria instead of a real threat to life by a virus. Following the main pandemic was a brief period of riots and protests then another lockdown based on fake &ldquo ... continue >>

    Chapter 6.
    Exit the Illusion Matrix

    PsyopsBy now, in the depths of Kali yuga, almost everyone is trapped in this illusion matrix created by gove ... continue >>

    Chapter 7.
    Surviving and Thriving

    We are not interested in just surviving the effects of the pralaya. No, we want to thrive during this period and use this time wisely to develop spiritually and physically for the joys awaiting us in the Satyug Age. If the Ekam Vitara Network is suc ... continue >>

    Chapter 8.
    Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme

    First, some background on this revolutionary program to transform an aging, limited Kali yuga physiology into a vibrantly healthy, youthful Satya yuga physiology. Granted, this may seem fantastic to some, but almost everything in this book is fantastic: from the realizatio ... continue >>



    There is one objective for human life - Moksha. That is the only worthwhile endeavor because Moksha brings freedom, freedom from struggle, freedom fro ... continue >>

    About Visvamitra

    Visvamitra is the name given to me by Guru Dev when he accepted responsibility for guiding my evolution and existence back to non-existence in September 1994. It is common for the Guru to give the new disciple a name as an ideal to become. Since Guru Dev desires that I become Visvamitra, which mean ... continue >>

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