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_About Visvamitra - insert into the bottom of Appendix 1 ahead of article ID 4116
_Angel Fire, New Mexico USA
_Santo Tomas Goloka Community in Baja California Mexico
_The Goloka Project Community Pre-Enrollment (the appendices insert)
_The Goloka Project Community Pre-Enrollment (the goloka communities insert)
_The Goloka Project Community Pre-Enrollment (the Invincibility Vitara insert)
_The Goloka Project Community Pre-Enrollment - communities in planning
_The Goloka Project Intentional Communities for Self-Realization - Invincibility Shield Vitara
_The Goloka Project Intentional Communities for Self-Realization - Twenty Levels of Consciousness
5 G and the Internet of Things:10 Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself Right Now from Electromagnetic Field Radiation
5G Tech Is The Real Trojan Horse To Human Extinction The mainstream media's coverage of electromagnetic fields (EMF's) is so superficial that many people believe that the issue of safety regarding exposures to electromagnetic fields has been settled and that we have nothing to worry about. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Researchers in bio-electromagnetics and biophysics have continued to observe alarming studies across a range of frequency exposures that are common in our everyday lives, especially with wireless products such as cell phones, DECT phones, cell towers and wireless routers and laptop computers. The United States media is largely unaware of this continually growing body of research, coming largely from European countries.
5G is the Threat and Coronavirus is the Coverup - First Wave of the Pralaya
5G is the tool that enables the global elite to efficiently and selectively control and kill people around the world. The Coronavirus is a coverup of the uncontrolled effects of 5G. The whole of humanity is being subjected to experimentation to see how 5G can be managed to become an effective soft-kill weapon and population control mechanism. Currently, the effects of 5G are too strong and there has not been a good "setting" for 5G so that its effects will not be so obviously devastating to life. Hence, the Coronavirus Pandemic is implemented as a coverup.There is also a third agenda at play, to reset the world economy into global elite control and out of the control of individuals. The 5G assault is underway now. It is very strong in the USA, China and Europe. There is no 5G yet in Canada, Mexico, Centra America and Russia, but at this time when everyone is in quarantine, the efforts to implement 5G have been ramped up significantly. Here is a world map that is frequently updated, showing where 5G is implemented as of today: It is interesting to compare the above 5G map with the COVID-19 Total Cases to Date (April 4, 2020):
A Family Is A Field Of Joy
Maharishi once said "A family is a field of joy" and we know that Maharishi's statements are deeply profound and can produce the awakening into Brahman Consciousness. This statement is particularily suitable for those who are in family situations. Sometimes the family situation is, on the surface, far from "a field of joy"! Severe health problems with children can occur and bring on much distress, the anxiety and pain caused by a teenager's drug use, the unfaithful spouse, or the death of a child are examples of family situations that appear on the surface to be nothing like a field of joy. So why would Maharishi make such a statement when family life is sometimes the apparent source of deep sorrow and misery? Human life is a transition period on the ascending phase of the cycle of evolution, from the unconscious realms of nature to the superconscious realm of Brahman Consciousness. To make this transition we have to wake up from the dream of daily life. Have you noticed how in a dream, just before you wake up, it sometimes gets very violent or bizzar, actually forcing you to think "hey, I don't want to do this anymore - wake up!" So called "waking state" human life is actually a dream from the perspective of Brahman Consciousness. We can at any time choose to wake up from this dream and become established in Brahman Consciousness. Then we look back and see how that whole period of life before was just like a dream where one is lost in a morass of ridiculous situations, sorrow, misery, happiness, unhappiness, etc. It says in the Yoga Vashista:
Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Self-Massage
How to Do Abhyanga The body of one who uses oil massage regularly does not become affected much, even if subjected to accidental injuries or strenuous work. By using oil massage daily, a person is endowed with pleasant touch, trimmed body parts, and becomes strong, charming and least affected by old age. - Charaka Samhita: Sutrasthana: V: 88-89 Abhyanga should be resorted to daily. It wards off old age, exertion and aggravation of vata. - Ashtanga Hrdayam: Sutrasthana: II: 8-9 Abhyanga is the anointing of the body with oil. Often infused with herbs and usually warm, the oil is massaged into the entire body before bathing. It can be beneficial for maintaining health and is used therapeutically for certain disorders. Abhyanga can be incorporated into a routine appropriate for almost everyone.
About S'rî Vyuha
S'rî Vyuha is a non-profit association dedicated to helping sincere individuals attain Brahman Consciousness. Guru Dev has only recently challenged us to organize and begin teaching. Our first project has been to erect our Website and offer the articles, books, courses and consultations that Guru Dev has inspired.

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I wrote this book to try to convey my sense of awe and excitement about the times we live in today. This classic phrase, which opens A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, seems to exactly relay the situation before us in our present day:

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisd ... continue >>

Chapter 1.
The Cycles of Time

There are various accounts of the age and origin of our universe from ancient scriptures and scientific theories. I have studied many of them, including Creationism from the Christian Tradition, Creationism from the Vedic Tradition, Catastrophism, and Darwinism, and also researched this topic i ... continue >>

Chapter 2.
Our Universe is a Hologram

We need a better understanding of the nature of this “relative” universe that we live in, so we can come out of the matrix of illusion and see the world for what it is. To us, the universe and our lives may seem real, solid and definitely not an illusion. This is because we are embedded in the ill ... continue >>

Chapter 3.

Religions often refer to God's Judgment and how He metes out punishment for sins and transgressions against Him. This is a somewhat irrational way to explain karma. For one thing, God never punishes - He loves and accepts everyone. Contrary to most religions, God is not jealous, or wrathful, and is n ... continue >>

Chapter 4.
The Great Global Deception

Humanity has been under what has been called “the great global deception” for the last 500 years. We have been told that the earth is a spinning globe in a vast, limitless space and human life is an extremely insignificant part of this universe. However, we know from our dail ... continue >>

Chapter 5.
Balancing of Karma

The pralaya is now here, starting with the amazing world-wide quarantine for COVID-19, which has proven be engineered mass hysteria instead of a real threat to life by a virus. Following the main pandemic was a brief period of riots and protests then another lockdown based on fake &ldquo ... continue >>

Chapter 6.
Exit the Illusion Matrix

PsyopsBy now, in the depths of Kali yuga, almost everyone is trapped in this illusion matrix created by gove ... continue >>

Chapter 7.
Surviving and Thriving

We are not interested in just surviving the effects of the pralaya. No, we want to thrive during this period and use this time wisely to develop spiritually and physically for the joys awaiting us in the Satyug Age. If the Ekam Vitara Network is suc ... continue >>

Chapter 8.
Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme

First, some background on this revolutionary program to transform an aging, limited Kali yuga physiology into a vibrantly healthy, youthful Satya yuga physiology. Granted, this may seem fantastic to some, but almost everything in this book is fantastic: from the realizatio ... continue >>



There is one objective for human life - Moksha. That is the only worthwhile endeavor because Moksha brings freedom, freedom from struggle, freedom fro ... continue >>

About Visvamitra

Visvamitra is the name given to me by Guru Dev when he accepted responsibility for guiding my evolution and existence back to non-existence in September 1994. It is common for the Guru to give the new disciple a name as an ideal to become. Since Guru Dev desires that I become Visvamitra, which mean ... continue >>

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