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Quickly Balancing Significant Karma with Past Life Regression Virtual Vitara


We all come into this life with mountain ranges of karma to our credit. To have a comfortable, peaceful and progressive life and to achieve Moksha, we must balance at least some of this karma. So we practice meditation and sadhana and perform yajñas or obtain vitaras to perform the yajñas for us and give us enhanced karma balancing capability. All of these efforts do balance karma, and if we balance enough karma, the portal into the NOW moment opens and we begin to live in the Bliss of Moksha.

So, our main focus is on balancing karma. Then a better life and Moksha will spontaneously dawn. We have just developed a new virtual vitara that will balance significant past life karma. This will not only improve the quality of your life experience, but will give you a significant boost toward Moksha. Let me explain how this virtual vitara works.

Akashic Records

Access to the experiences of our past lives is available to us in our own Akashic Library. This vast library of Akashic Records that record all of the karma producing experiences of our past lives is located in the astral and lower celestial realms, and your Celestial family is the guardian of these records. When they know you are ready to explore and balance the karma from the past, they will give you access to your records. To reach this library you must transcend the physical and operate in your pranamaya kosha or manomaya kosha. The library section that is located in the astral realm has only the records of a few of your most recent past lives. Most of your lives are recorded in the lower Celestial realm section of your Akashic Library. Reaching the pranamaya kosha is fairly easy and your most immediate lives can be know from that level. The karma from these lives has a big impact on your current life. So, the Past Life Regression Virtual Vitara will take you back to your last life, recorded in the astral realm section of your Akashic Library.

Karmic Traces

In practice, you listen to the virtual vitara (supplied as an MP3 file) with headphones. This is necessary because the vitara contains binarual beat frequencies to entrain your brain to the low frequencies of 3, 4 and 5 hz. These frequencies will put your physical body asleep and keep the mind awake. You will then be guided to transcend into your pranamaya kosha. Throughout the recording that lasts about 50 minutes, are the Silent Subliminals for Remote Viewing, Lucid Dreaming, Akashic Records and Astral Projection. These Silent Subliminals will balance the individual karmic traces that are blocking your ability to perceive your past life with the senses of the pranamaya kosha. So, there is a cumulative effect of listening to the vitara many times. Also, when you are able to view the karma of your past life, that karma will be spontaneously balanced. But only the "top" layer will be balanced. Karmic traces are in layers and only the topmost layer can be balanced. Once that layer is balances, the next layer becomes the top layer. Each time you view this karma in your Akashic Library, that experience will spontaneously balance the top layer until one day all of this karma will be balanced. Then your current life will stop being influenced by this karma. As you balance this karma, your Akashic Records of this karma is changed. When the karma is active, when you view this record you will feel as if you are reliving the actions that produced the karma. When the karma has been balanced, the record will be only a distant memory; the experience changes from full color 3-D immersive experience to a flat, 2-D memory.

Your Past Life Regression Virtual Vitara must be created for you, based on the karma you want to balance. This karma will cause you to have constant thoughts about it. If is a fear of water, for example, the thoughts will arise most strongly when you are around water. If you are constantly concerned about having enough money, then this is a past life karma that can be balanced. Anything that you repeatedly worry about is probably coming from past life karma. This karma from the past colors and influences your current life and the cause of almost all of the problems you are experiencing today.

When you order your vitara, we ask you to briefly state the most pressing issue in your mind at this time. Then we consult your Jyotish and verify this is from past life karma and insert the reference to this karma into your vitara.

You can enhance the effect of the vitara if you listen to it while laying on a shakti mat. But a shakti mat is not necessary for the vitara to be effective. Stereo headphones are required when listening to the virtual vitara so that the frequencies being projected will cause your brain to be entrained with these frequencies.

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