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Omniviolence Is Coming and The Goloka Project has the Solution


Today, Nautilus published the article "Omniviolence Is Coming and the World Isn’t Ready" by Phil Torres and I immediately saw the solution offered by The Goloka Project. Actually, Phil, the world is quite ready now to counteract this scenario.


This concept of "omniviolence" is yet another psy-opp trying to instill fear into the innocent population of the world who are literally running and hiding like children in a horror movie, afraid of everything. How do we live a life of peace, happiness, progress and prosperity in the midst of this horror show?

First we have to understand the basis of all the fear, separation, loneliness, hate and anger that exists all around us. The best way I know of is to look at the work of Dr. David Hawkins and his Levels of Consciousness. He proposed 17 Levels of Consciousness, with the top section from 600 to 1000 just labeled as "Peace" and "Enlightenment."  We have changed the label for LOC 600 from Peace to Moksha Level 1 or Cosmic Consciousness and Hawkins claims this level is reached only by one person in 10 million - that calculates to about 770 people alive on Earth today. Levels 700 to 1,000 are extremely rare, where humanity blends with divinity in the levels of God Consciousness and beyond.

20 Levels of Human Consciousness

In the world of today, 85% of the population (over 6.5 billion) is living in LOC 175 and below. This is a truly tragic waste of life of a being "made in the image of God."

Omniviolence can only arise in those operating at LOC 175 and lower. So the way to eliminate omniviolence is the elevate world collective consciousness to LOC 350. At this time world collective consciousness is at 207. When world collective consciousness rises to 350 there will be very few in the 175 and lower levels. This will be nice because governments operate a the level of 175 and will find themselves without a constituency. What a blessing it will be for the Human Race to no longer have governments squatting on our heads. The human being, made in the image of God, is a sovereign being with free-will, and there is no one who can legitimately claim to have "authority" over us. It is only because of the vast population below LOC 175 that allow governments to exist.

How to raise world collective consciousness to 350? We offer three solutions that work together:

  1. Ekam Vitara Network Membership - find out your current Level of Consciousness, then we send you the frequency for the next higher LOC so you will have this boost to rapidly rise to the next level. Also, you are adding your higher LOC to the world-wide network that will raise world collective consciousness. With one million Members, world collective consciousness will surely rise to a higher level. Currently the LOC of the Network is over 420.
  2. Invincibility Shield Vitara - the support of this combination of Vedic Vitaras and advanced meditation techniques will accelerate your progress to LOC 600 and beyond. When you reach LOC 600 you become Invincible. That means you have no karma that will attract any negativity into your life. For example, you will be able to avoid the radically dangerous mRNA injection that the developers admit causes a negative reaction in 100% of the people and 20% even require hospitalization and may not survive. But, the government says everyone must have this "for the greater good." There is a whole agenda to depopulate the Earth of most human life, leaving less than 500 million survivors. If you do not know about this, please read my book:
  3. Invincible Goloka Sanctuary Communities - if you cannot reach 600 LOC in time for the mandatory injections, you can enter your luxury health spa community and the Community's Invincibility will protect you from the negativity that exists outside the Community. Plus, you will enjoy the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme for age reversal and a very long life in the direction of immortality, in a vital, youthful, and perfectly healthy body.

If you don't already have the Ekam Vitara Network Membership, we will give you a Lifetime Membership now so you can experience the support of consciousness that it provides. This gift is valued at $597. Please click here to receive your free gift of a Lifetime Ekam Vitara Network Membership:

If you would like to have the Invincibility Shield Vitara or pre-enroll in the Invincible Goloka Sanctuary Community of your choice, anywhere in the world, you can pay a fully refundable deposit of $497 and have 30 days to try out the meditation techniques, get to know us and let us get to know you, find out all about the Shield Vitara and our wonderful luxury health spa communities. Please submit the form:

If finances are a problem now, please complete the form to pre-enroll and tell us about your situation in the Comments box, submit the form and stop at the Shopping Cart page. We will then contact you to work out a way for you to receive your Invincibility Shield Vitara and pre-enroll in the Community of your choice.

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