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Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Meditator


Manifesting Goloka Sanctuary Communities

The 1,000 Goloka Project Communities around the world are being manifested in the physical realm using the same technique that is used to manifest the entire Universe. We know this technique as Samyama. A meditation virtual vitara known as the Goloka Project Brahman Consciousness Community Manifestation Vitara employs the Samyama technique with three special sutras; one focuses on balancing the karmic traces standing in the way of Brahman Consciousness, one manifests all 1,000 Communities around the world and the other is targeted to a specific Community. Sahasra Sirsha Brahma is the core group of 1,000 meditators who employ the techniques to manifest all of the Communities from Pure Consciousness.

The Goloka Project Brahman Consciousness Community Manifestation Program is specific mental mastery training and individual karmic trace balancing to produce the Realization "Aham Brahmasmi" or "I Am Brahman" and the experience of Brahman Consciousness, Moksha Level 4 (Level of Consciousness 900). The experience of LOC 900 necessarily brings along the experience of Moksha Level 1 (Cosmic Consciousness), Moksha Level 2 (God Consciousness), and Moksha Level 3 (Unity Consciousness).

Brahman Consciousness is not an experience in the individual mind; it is the experience of Cosmic Mind - the Mind of the Creator; one Realizes the Role of the Creator and can then change the Dream of the Universe. This is the ultimate experience in this Universe. From this Consciousness of the Creator, we project a new element in to the Dream of the Universe; 1,000 physical Goloka Sanctuary Communities at a point in the future.

This process of creating 1,000 Communities is a wonderful way for the individual Sahasra Sirsha Brahma meditator to balance all the karmic traces that stand in the way of Brahman Consciousness. Everytime this meditation is performed, the meditator will make huge steps of progress in personal development to Level of Consciousness 900 and will bless the entire world family with a higher collective consciousness. When the Communities manifest, world collective consciousness will be at 350 and the pralaya will come to an end. Peace, prosperity, and happiness will be the experience of everyone on Earth.

The practical process of creating the Communities is in four stages:

  1. Find the appropriate land, hire an architect and file all governmental permits for water and building
  2. Establish a small community of 40 families on the land using temporary buildings such as yurts (this stage occurs almost immediately after acquiring the land and before permits are obtained. The only necessary condition is the demand for building from 40 families
  3. When all building permits are obtained, create the Community infrastructure (roads, paths, underground utilities to each building lot) and build the permanent housing for the first 40 families and the meditation dome
  4. The next stages unfold each time there are 40 familes that have moved into the temporary buildings. This stage includes building of the permanent housing plus some of the Community buildings. There are 9 of these stages

These stages flow into physical reality from the energy patterns created by the Goloka Project Brahman Consciousness Community Manifestation Program, like creating a path for the river of life to flow through. We are literally creating devas that will bring the physical communities into manifestation. This is a marvelous occupation!

The Goloka Project Brahman Consciousness Community Manifestation Program

The Goloka Project Brahman Consciousness Community Manifestation Program utilizes Silent Subliminal version of the entire Brahma Sutras, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Vibhuti Pada, and a portion of the Tenth Mandala of the Rig Veda, plus the HemiSync frequencies for Waking Induced Lucid Dreaming. To effectively hear these frequencies, one should employ over the ear headphones.

When the Sahasra Sirsha Brahma group performs the Goloka Project Brahman Consciousness Community Manifestation Program, a collective consciousness is created that is greater than any of the individuals in the group. We create the consciousness of the Creator in this way and rapidly change the Dream from an Earth going through this miserable pralaya to Heaven on Earth.

What Are Silent Subliminals?

The inventor of the technique known as Silent Subliminal Messages is aerospace engineer O.M. Lowery. He filed for a patent in 1992 and the government immediately classified the invention for military use. The patent expired in 2005 and the technology has since been declassified, so the public is free to use this technology.

 Silent Subliminal Patent

Although inaudible to the conscious mind, the silent subliminal messages are powerfully perceived by the listener's subconscious mind.

The silent subliminal process records, in this case, the entire Brahma Sutras on a powerful, inaudible, ultra-high audio frequency carrier in a format which is easily picked up and decoded by the human ear. The encoded voice affirmations actually vibrate the tympanic membrane (diaphragm) of the ear at a totally safe level.

Documentation from experts in acoustic laboratory testing which show that subliminal tape outputs perceived by the human ear, using the silent subliminal recording process, have a measurably superior signal strength of more than 65db (decibels) when compared to traditional "masked" subliminals, which average outputs of minus 18db.


In order to understand the importance of these figures, here are some definitions. A decibel is approximately equal to the smallest change in loudness that may be perceptible to the average listener. The number of db is calculated by taking 10 times the common logarithm of the ratio of the intensities involved. Small differences in db, then, correspond to great differences in the energies and power of intensity of the sound frequencies.

Thus, a sound which registers 60db has six billion times the energy/intensity that would be needed to perceive it at the threshold of audibility (i.e. the level at which it is heard by the ear). For comparison, ordinary conversation within a three-foot radius is at 65db, while a loud radio is 80db and subway noise 95db.

What this means to you, the listener, is that Silent Subliminal messages register a signal strength increase of over six billion times, by actual measurement, than that achieved by traditional "masked" recording methods.

Silent Subliminal messages are made silent because they are recorded at very high frequencies that are not masked by music, noise, or any other sound. The amazing thing about silent subliminals is that even though they cannot be heard, they have a great effect on the minds of people who hear them. The Silent Subliminals bypass the conscious thinking mind and are encoded directly in the sub-conscious and unconscious minds.

Human Mind with Koshas

By bringing the powerful karmic trace balancing Brahma Sutras directly to the upper roots and deep roots of the karmic traces, these karmic traces are balanced. The result is rapid Realization of Brahman Consciousness.

What Are The Brahma Sutras?

There is a commentary on the Brahma Sutras by Adi Sankara which provides great intellectual insights into each sutra. His commentary or Bhasya is the crest jewel of of his writtings. Those who are in Brahman Consciousness will find this commentary very blissful. The common mistake today is to assume one can achieve Brahman Consciousnes by studying the commentary. The Brahma Sutra Bhasya is of value to those not in Brahman Consciousness, but the study of Brahma Sutra Bhasya will not cause Brahman Consciousness to dawn.

The Brahma Sutras do not have to be translated and commentaries do not have to be studied in order to attain Brahman Consciousness. The Brahma Sutras are pointers to the transcendental, beyond the human mind and even the Mind of the Creator. If we attempt to understand the Brahma Sutras on the surface level of the meaning of words, then the conscious thinking mind will become caught up in the words and will miss Brahman. Brahman is not a thing to be known. Brahman is for Being. Brahman is the essence of Being, the silence of Being, the Divine Silent Witness.

The Brahma Sutras are to be experienced and known by the higher consciousness mind. The Silent Subliminal version of the Brahma Sutras will bring the fulfillment of the sutras to the listener very quickly. This is an excellent option for use during meditation. These sutras balance all karmic traces that stand in the way of full Realization of Brahman Consciousness - a fast-track to Moksha Level 4.

In addition, the Vibhuti Pada of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are present in Silent Subliminal format to rapidly create mastery of the mind and balance all the individual karmic traces that stand in the way of living a life in the Image of God. Plus the Tenth Mandals of the Rig Veda in Silent Subliminal format will create the energy patterns of the Mind of the Creator.

What is Hemi-Sync®?

Hemi-Sync® is a powerful tool you can use to accelerate your personal and spiritual development and to create the life you desire. Hemi-Sync® (from “hemispheric synchronization”) is a patented, scientifically based, and clinically proven audio-guidance technology which allows you to easily, quickly, and safely access and hold specific states of consciousness for extended periods of time. These different levels of consciousness range from deep sleep states to highly alert and focused ones, each lending itself to different applications such as meditation, deep relaxation, accessing guidance, manifesting, pattern release, problem solving, and enhanced creativity. Hemi-Sync® was developed and patented by Robert Monroe, the founder of The Monroe Institute and a pioneer in researching the use of sound to achieve different consciousness states.

How does Hemi-Sync® work?

Hemi-Sync® is based on binaural beat technology. Basically, two tones of slightly different frequencies are put into both ears simultaneously through stereo headphones. The brain then perceives a third tone (not an actual tone) which is the difference between the two. This results in a coherent brain state in which the right and left hemispheres are synchronized. For example, when tones of 100 Hertz (cycles/sec) and 104 Hertz are used, the brain “hears” the difference between the two tones (4 Hz), and the brainwaves synchronize at this frequency. Hemi-Sync® actually employs complex multilayered audio signals to help you realize your desired purpose.


The digitalized EEG below shows patterns of brain waves which are simultaneously equal in both frequency and amplitude on both sides. This is considered to be an optimal state for brain functioning for any human activity. In everyday life hemispheric synchronization occurs naturally but only randomly for brief periods.

HemiSync EEG

Hemi-Sync® is an ideal tool for those committed to personal and spiritual development. You can experience within 5-7 minutes expanded states that generally require 20+ years of dedicated meditative practice to realize.

The Amazing God Vitara Headband

In addition, the effect of the Vitara requires the God Vitara Headband with Nirvana Vitara frequency modules.

God Vitara Headband and 4 VV Ant

When attending the Goloka Project Brahman Consciousness Community Manifestation Program as a Sahasra Sirsha Brahma participant, you will gain maximum benefit if you play a local copy of the meditation through quality, over the ear headphones, while wearing the God Vitara Headband with Nirvana Frequency Modules. The experience is phenomenal and the results - the manifestation of Goloka Communities - are maximum for time spent.

Also, for maximum integration of the new, expanded state of consciousness gained during the Goloka Project Brahman Consciousness Community Manifestation Program, we always follow with 10 minutes practice of the Flying Sutra, then 10 minutes of Savasana.

What Is The Flying Sutra?


Kâyâkâshayoh: sambandha-samyamât laghutûla-samâ-pattesh-câkâsha-gamanam

By performing Samyama on the relationship between the body and âkâsha and at the same time bringing about coalescence of the mind with the lightness of cotton fiber (or a cloud) comes passage through space.

This Sutra has a profound effect on the individual by tightly integrating the pranamaya kosha and the anamaya kosha. In Kali Yuga, the pranamaya kosha is very loosely tied to the anamaya kosha and can be operated as an independent vehicle. This is not the design of the human body. In the Absolute Realm, the human body on the physical level is composed of the Anakosha and its Shakti (Pranakosha) as a single unit. There is no “astral realm” in the Absolute – that is a feature of Kali Yuga where the anamaya kosha is very weak and poorly integrated with the pranamaya kosha. The Flying Sutra corrects this defect of Kali Yuga.

The result is a remarkable increase in physical strength, virility and intelligence when the anamaya kosha and its Shakti are whole.

This Sutra demonstrates Chapter 2, verse 48 of the Bhagavad Gita: yogastah kuru karmani (established in the Silent Witness, perform action)

Mastery of the Flying Sutra is in 4 stages:

  1. Repeated hopping up and down of the physical body, creating a breaking up of the physical karmic traces that inhibit the ability of the individual to levitate the physical body, and at the same time balancing the corresponding karmic traces on the level of the pranamaya kosha and manomaya kosha. It is necessary for the participant to hop throughout the Flying Sutra session, bringing the body up and letting it fall back. This action will continue until the individual has created a tight integration of the anamaya and pranamaya kosha.
  2. In this stage, the participant will engage in lightly floating up, hovering a few inches above the ground for a few seconds then lightly coming back down. The length of time of the hovering will increase until the individual is hovering above the ground for the entire Flying Sutra session. Then the third stage begins.
  3. In the third stage, the individual has gained the ability to simultaneously use the anamaya kosha, pranamaya kosha and manomaya kosha. The tight integration of the anamaya kosha and pranamaya kosha becomes as if a single body that is under the control of the manomaya kosha and the unconscious mind. The individual has access to intelligence and capability that is 100 times greater than before when the anamaya kosha and conscious thinking mind operated as a separate vehicle, as in stage one. In this stage, the participant has only to imagine a destination and the anamaya kosha will rapidly travel to that destination. Because the physical Laws of Nature are involved, the speed the physical body travels will be a comfortable speed for the body, which will not happily endure very high speeds, unless the flyer takes along a room to shield the wind, which will permit faster speeds. In this stage the participant can take others along by levitating a room that contains the other people and the participant. This is an advanced stage of the third stage and takes some practice.
  4. In the 4th stage, the individual can instantly transfer the physical body to any place on Earth – teleportation. This stage solves all the problems of the 3rd stage, but you cannot take another individual or other life forms with you. It is possible to take about 20% of your body weight in clothing, things in your pockets, eyeglasses, rings, etc. If you are carrying too much, you will just not be able to teleport. This ability requires considerable practice to perfect – starting with short trips to the other side of the room, then longer trips.

All members of the human race had this ability to fly with their physical body through the air and teleport during Sat Yuga and most of Treta Yuga. Near the end of Treta Yuga, some members lost the ability and in Dvapara Yuga about 80% of the population could not master this ability easily. During Sat Yuga and Treta Yuga, the ability was spontaneous for all members, and in Dvapara Yuga it has to be learned and only about 20% of the population could easily learn the practice. It took about 4 years of training during Dvapara Yuga to reach the ability of being able to fly through the air individually and transport others. In Kali Yuga, it will probably take 40 years of practice to gain the third stage. If participants utilize the God Vitara Pyramid to maximize their practice, the length of time could be reduced by 10-fold.  In the Goloka Sanctuary Communities, Levitation Training will be provided to all who are interested in mastering this ability. The central meditation dome will be a very large God Vitara Dome to faciliate rapid progress.

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