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Shaktipat is the Transmission of Paramajyoti


Shaktipat is the transmission of Spiritual Energy from one person to another. This "Spiritual Energy" is sometimes called "Shakit" or "Diksha" and derives from Krishna's Effulgence, or Paramajyoti. In this picture of our Universe, derived from the Vedic Literature, we see the band of Paramajyoti in the Absolute part of the picture, illuminating the entire Relative (lower half) side with its trillions of universes.

This is picture of one universe and all the detail based on Vedic Literature. There is a high resolution version that you can see by moving your cursor over the image. If you have a center-wheel on your mouse, use it to vary the magnification.

Fortunately, we all have access to an aspect of ourselves that connects with Infinite Spiritual Energy - this is the Silent Witness. The Silent Witness is always beyond the illusion of the Relative Universe. When we are successful at Being the Silent Witness and using the Senses of the Silent Witness to experience the Universe around the locus of the physical body or beyond, we have experienced Moksha. If we have this permanent experience of Moksha while our physical body is still alive, we have become Jivan Mukti.

Being the Silent Witness is challenging to maintain due ot the disturbances of karmic traces. So, our task is very simple, balance all karmic traces and spontaneously we will become Jivan Mukti. The karmic traces are dirt on our mirror of consciousness, like a dirty mirror does not reflect the image perfectly, karmic traces distort our perception of the Reality by causing awareness to be constantly shifting in and out of Being the Silent Witness.

So, how does Shaktipat help us? It momentarily increases our Spiritual Energy and in a sense, "turns up the Light", which is a very strong influence on the balancing of karmic traces. Sometimes, the increased Light will produce a wonderful experience of the Silent Witness. Other times, the experience is one of increased karmic trace balancing. However, at some point the Light will break through the massive web of karmic traces and Jivan Mukti will dawn.

What blocks the Paramajyoti from experience? Karmic traces - they confine us into cages and give us the experience of being separate people. Paramajyoti is the antidote for karmic traces. Your Acharyadevata can see your mountain ranges of karmic traces and will give Shaktipat at the right time to either balance a big chunk of karmic traces, or act as a jackhammer on granite and rapidly break up karmic traces and balance them, or may shoot through the web of karmic traces and deliver an instantaneous shift to Higher Consciousness that may be temporary or permanent.

How does the Acharyadevata help?

Your Acharyadevata is your Guru. A Guru is an Enlightened Master who helps in the process of Self-Realization. We hear about how someone became enlightened by the touch or glance of his Guru, so we seek that help. On the Path, it is often necessary to have a helping hand. But there are very few Enlightened Masters in physical form today and meeting one of them and being accepted as their disciple is difficult.

However, there are one thousand Enlightened Masters now who have volunteered to help every member of the Sahasra Sirsha Brahma achieve Jivan Mukti. An Enlightened Master will test the sincerity of someone before accepting the responsibility for their Enlightenment. The Acharyadevatas of the Sahasra Sirsha Brahma have given a very simple test of sincerity:

  1. Attendance at 162 SSB Meditation Sessions in the recent past, with no more than 3 missed Sessions per month.
    • This means if you are attending 2 Sessions a day, then in 81 days you can qualify, for example.
    • You can substitute the use of the SSB Neurogenesis Vitara during sleep for 1 Session a day. So, the attendance of 1 SSB Session plus the SSB Vitara at night will qualify for 2 Sessions a day
  2. Attendance at the most recent 30 Knowledge Meetings

When you qualify for your Acharyadevata, you will be given instructions to invoke your Acharyadevata at the start of each SSB Meditation session.  Your  Acharyadevata is then your Guru and is dedicated to helping you to achieve Jivan Mukti.

Experiences of Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Meditators



The meditation session was just then focusing on Brahman consciousness, and I slipped back into the silent witness. The thoughts kept arising, "I am witnessing myself witnessing..." like a hall of mirrors. At one point I witnessed myself being greater than the universe. (Greater as in more encompassing, not as in better.)




I have been feeling a lot of changes in awareness, physical and emotional healing, recognizing and shifting my psychological and behavioral patterns within these 3 weeks of practice. With every following of my 3 meditation practices daily I feel deeper connection with subconscious as well as superconscious levels, expansive energy flow throughout my body and more vivid lucid dreams every night. I recognize that there are more grand purposes that will be achieved with the practice, where people not involved in the project will be able to experience inner peace and healing due to the collective consciousness rising. I believe this practice allows one to connect to the Source with the experience of total unity, from where the revelations about truth come, which will lead further to more happiness and fulfillment in our daily lives. I want to wish everyone to have faith in themselves and rely on the strength of the Creator, as we are all part of the same mind, where no illusions exist thus allowing us to live in oneness with all there is Love.




After several sessions now with my Acharyadevata, all my experiences during meditation are now more real than earlier. Sometimes an experience appears in color. Basically just strong feeling of colors. Anyway, feeling is that this is a true knowledge. My body is inside my Archaryadevata's body.




After welcoming my Acharyadevata, I felt a significant presence of the Christ and less trying and resistance about things. Now, I can very easily experience the presence of the Christ figure in meditation.




Immediately after Acharyadevata sutra, I had nothing to imagine about at all when Acharyadevata appeared before me. I admired him and he combined all his chakras with my chakras. The connection medias are transparent tubes - 10 cm in diameter and colorful rays inside. After a few minutes, the tubes my Archaryadevata connected from his chakras with my chakras were inside my body like laser beams that collided or swept every cavity and lump and cleaned it. It felt like every cell and atomic information has changed.




I always start meditation in padma asana, but would have to relax out to siddha asana in 3 or 4 minutes - padma asana was just too painful. On this day, as I meditated in padma asana, 10 minutes passed and the thought came "what is going on? I feel no pain, just eternal NOW and bliss!"  I was aware that I had been meditating for 10 minutes. But this part of me was a tiny fragment of me - perhaps 10% of me was aware of the physical realm, my body sitting in padma asana, my mind thinking the mantra, but 90% of me was established in timeless bliss. So, this is Shaktipat - amazing! After the meditation, I continued to remain established in the Silent Witness for a few hours then faded back to my "normal" state of consciousness, but with a major difference - now I can sit in padma asana for the entire meditation. It is not perfect, there is some discomfort but significant progress.




At about the 40 minute mark I felt so very good, I could really feel my whole body vibrating and the state of peace was so comfortable and effortless I could have stayed in it all day.




I've been doing the Goloka Project meditation program (SSB Meditation) three times a day now for a month. From the early 1970s through the early 2000s, I did a different meditation program, which included Yoga Sutras, faithfully. I can now state unequivocally that the Goloka Project meditation is FAR more powerful than any other meditation program. I've had more personal growth, more spiritual revelations, and more celestial experiences in 30 days than I previously had in 30 years.




I seem to be much more creative, lately. As I was settling down to quiet, my mind was filled with new ideas for the blog series I’m writing, the screenplay I’m revising, and other similar things. I told each idea that I’d come back for it later, but now was not the time. Watching my conscious mind, it was as if I saw these bright green bubbles at the front of the brain (the problem-solving part) rising up, and slowly drifting away as I released them. Krishna and Radha appeared, and showed me a small stone cottage. It was maybe 6’ - 8’ in all dimensions, basically large enough for a bed, small desk, and chair. There was no kitchen or bathroom in the cottage. Instead of glass windows, it had window openings, that were covered with shutters. The window above the desk was almost the width of the wall. When the shutters were open, it looked out on hills or low mountains.



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