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Krishna Vedic Master Training Course


Krishna Vedic Master Training Course

A course of study, leading to the Master of Divinity Degree is now being offered by MahaVideha University. This course provides complete knowledge and experience for the individual who desires to help others achieve happiness, perfect health, a very long life, prosperity, peace and Moksha. This is the Krishna Vedic Master Training Course. Included in this course are the following topics and also how to teach this information:

  1. Goloka Meditation Centers - These centers are planned for every major metropolitan area around the world to serve as a focal point for teaching, group meditations and introductions to the Goloka Sanctuary Communities and Vedic Vitaras.  As a graduate of the Krishna Vedic Master Training Course, you will be qualified to live in and manage one of these centers.
  2. Goloka Sanctuary Communities - To survive the pralaya in comfort we have the Goloka Sanctuary Communities. Goloka Sanctuary Communities will be established throughout the world in safe zones.
    Goloka SmallThe picture on the left is an artist's depiction of Goloka, the heavenly realm where Krishna and His Gopis and Gopas reside. This is the model Absolute realm that serves as the basis of our universe. At the start of Satyug, Lord Brahma creates our universe to almost exactly model Goloka. By this time, in Kaliyug, the ideal has degenerated severely, so our objective is to replicate Goloka in a small way. We are doing this now in northern New Mexico, and soon at many other locations around the world. To qualify as a sanctuary for survival of the pralaya events, the location must be in a safe zone and have good access to fresh water. Definitely, the cities are not the place to be during this period, for obvious reasons.
    Goloka Community 3D layoutThe Goloka Community design is intended to be 100% self-sufficient for food, water and energy. The design includes an ahimsa dairy where the cows are never killed, and organic gardens. The design of the first facility being constructed in New Mexico is shown on the right. It will have 121 geodesic dome homes to provide accommodations for 300 individuals (single, married couples and families). Plus 6 large domes for the dairy, 6 large domes for the gardens and 6 large domes for the University and School. Plus there is a very large Ashram dome, and 4 more large domes for community activities and recreation. Each residence will have individual Satyug Sanctuary Pyramids for each resident. Solar panels provide electricity for the facility. The Goloka Sanctuary Communities will all be MahaVideha University campuses so the residents can achieve Krishna Realization during their stay. Each Community will also have a MahaVideha Gurukul for the children and a SriVyuha Ashram.
  3. Personal Development Program (sadhana) that leads to Moksha. You will be trained to initiate and teach meditation, yoga sutras and create Jyotish charts and yajnas. The details of this sadhana are:
    • Asanas and Pranayama
    • Dharana and Dhyana Meditation Techniques
    • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
    • Balancing Karma to live in peace and equinamity, free from the influence of your karma:
      • Yajnas from a comprehensive study of Jyotish to permanently shield the life from all future karma 
      • Unity Consciousness Technique for balancing all negativity as it arises in life
      • Dasa Bhukti Yajnas to address periodic negative karma that arises in life  
      • The Krishna Technique - identifying and melting core negative karma that colors all of life
  4. Satyug Kaya Kalpa for a Limitless Life: a very long life in perfect health and youthful vitality - this is an advanced form of Ayurveda that transforms your limited life-span Kaliyug physiology to an unlimited life-span Satyug physiology. You will be trained to administer the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme.

    What does it mean to live a Limitless Life? This would be a life where the mind is fully intelligent, not just genius level of 200 IQ but 10-100 times more intelligent than genius level. This would be a life where the body is in perfect health, youthful and vital for thousands of years. If these seem like extravagant and totally unrealistic objectives to you, then you may not have heard about the time in human history, Satyug, when this was the norm. We live today on the threshhold of a new age where this Limitless Life can be our reality.

    Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme is a collection of techniques, Vedic Vitaras, and a very important supplement (Krishna C60 Amrita). When these techniques are taken together, they create a holistic approach that stops aging and reverses it while healing all imbalances in the body (physical and subtle bodies) and activates the full DNA. Gradually over the span of about 10 years the cells of the body are regenerated in the new model of a Satyug physiology.
  5. Krishna's Parama Jyoti (effulgence). Parama Jyoti is the energy behind all existence. This is transformative and healing energy (also named Deeksha) that you will be initiated to transmit to others as well as receive in your own life. Receiving and transmitting Parama Jyoti intimately connects you with Krishna and greatly enhances your pace of evolution to Moksha.

Krishna Vedic Master

A very important part of the Krishna Vedic Master Training Course is the new Vedic Initiation Vitara. On the course you will be initiated as a Vedic Master with the ability to initiate others with meditation techniques through the use of the Vedic Initiation Vitara

Vedic Initiation Vitara

Our strategy of teaching is unique. When someone comes to us for help to achieve Moksha, then we deliver the complete package. Also we do not compromise our programs to market to the masses. We are not interested in having a scorecard with millions of initiations. We focus on quality and take individuals, one by one, to Moksha. To achieve this goal of human existence requires only one simple experience: the individual realizes that

"I am not the body, I am not the conscious thinking mind, I am not the ego with fears, frustrations and all the baggage of karma; no, I am unbounded, timeless, pure awareness and I am established in that union with the Divine 24 hours a day and perform the actions of life, witnessing these actions from this higher, subtle aspect of myself."

Krishna and Arjuna

This is the realization of yogastah kuru karmani - established in union with the Divine, perform action. This is Krishna's instruction for how to achieve Moksha (from the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2, verse 48).  What is in the way of this experience is the ego, so we have a number of techniques that circumvent the ego and allow the individual to experience his Truth.

The Fundamental Vedic Master Technique

Fundamental to this collection of techniques are the meditation techniques of Dharana and Dhyana and these techniques use a mantra. A mantra is a special sound that has no meaning attached to it. A mantra is a vehicle of transcending, or going beyond the ego and experiencing one's Truth. The mantra that an individual uses for Dharana and Dhyana is selected from a collection of mantras by Krishna and then activated or made alive by Krishna. The Initiator is the physical representative of Krishna who introduces the student to Krishna, asks for the mantra and its activation then gives the mantra to the student. The Initiator is a Vedic Master. The initiation is conducted with a puja (special ceremony of gratitude) that raises the vibration of the Vedic Master to direct contact with Krishna. For the Vedic Master, everytime this puja is performed it is a wonderful step in his or her personal evolution to the highest level of Moksha, Krishna Consciousness. It has been said the teacher gains more than the student and this is the experience of the Vedic Master when performing this initiation ceremony.

This Universe is all vibration or sound frequencies, in the Mind of the Creator. As we increase our level of vibration we come closer to Krishna. To help with this increase of frequency at the time of initation and throughout the entire days of instruction, we take recourse to a Vedic Vitara created just for this purpose; this is the Vedic Initiation Vitara.

Vedic Initiation Vitara

The Vedic Initiation Vitara produces the high sattvic frequencies of the time of initiation, and this changes the atmosphere in the initiation room, giving the initiator and student a boost in consciousness to create the most profound experience possible during the first few meditations. As Maharishi was fond of saying: "well begun is half done!"

The Vedic Initiation Vitara is always active in the Initiation Room of the Goloka Meditation Center and this creates an influence throughout the Goloka Meditation Center of devotion to Krishna, humility, gratitude and all of the higher emotions that are possible in life.

The only way to acquire a Vedic Initiation Vitara is to become a Vedic Master. Then you will receive your Vedic Initiation Vitara.

Masters Degree From MahaVideha University

MahaVideha University now presents the Krishna Vedic Master Training Course, conducted by Visvamitra,  from your own home via Internet video conference or in-residence at the Goloka Spiritual Community in New Mexico. The course is continuous and lasts for two years. You can join at any time. Upon successful completion of this course, the participant is awarded a Master's Degree by MahaVideha University and certified by Visvamitra as a Vedic Master, with the ability to initiate and teach the various sadhana meditation techniques, receive and transmit Param Jyoti, and lead students to Moksha.

Here is a sample Diploma for this Degree and Certification:

MahaVideha Masters Degree Diploma for Krishna's Ashtanga Atmavedi Yoga

This program consists of 600 hours of course work over a period of 12 months. Classes meet 3 times a week for 2 hours in each day's session. Sessions are conducted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Between class sessions one can expect to spend 2 hours in preparation for the next class session. The text books used in this class are: Returning to Goloka and Yoga Vasishta

Qualified students should be regularily practicing Atmavedi Meditation or Transcendental Meditation® plus Yoga Sutras of Patanjali or the TM-Sidhi Programme and asanas and pranayama for at least one year prior to starting the course.

Why Become a Krishna Vedic Master?

There are basically two reasons to take the Krishna Vedic Master Training Course:

  1. You want to help others achieve Moksha and enjoy the profession of teaching meditation and advanced tecniques at one of the Goloka Meditation Centers.
  2. You want to acquire this knowledge for yourself; to help you achieve Moksha. This can certainly be your primary motivation. As a Krishna Vedic Master you will quickly rise to Level 4 Moksha - Brahman Consciousness. Perhaps in time you will also teach close family members and friends.

The tuition for this Masters Degree program via video conference is $26,400 for the entire two years. To join this course now, please click this link: Krishna Vedic Master Training Course via video conferencing, $557 per month.

® Transcendental Meditation is a registered trademark licensed to Maharishi Foundation USA.



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Chemistri. Helen Collins., Moruya Heads NSW Australia , July 26, 2020 at 12:04 PM
I would like to do this, of course I cannot move to Mexico but interested to do the 2 year course. Though I need to apply for tuition scholarship.
As even though you may think I have money because I live in Australia, It's an illusion.

Thank you for the opportunity to do this.


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